Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2013

Meeting Date and Time 16 January 2013, 7:00pm
Meeting Title / Theme:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Meeting Called to Order:  700P
Word of the Evening:  Repugnant
Guests:  Susan Carillo (voted in tonight), Amy Fishbein

Start of Business Meeting: 704P
Minutes of the last meeting: Approved with no changes however Tom Terrific posted new officers to the minutes on-line (

Officer Reports:  SD VP Education (Adam Kutell) – 51 members now; 7 of 10 goals met; 8 goals soon when officers trained posted on site; 9 are needed for Presidents Distinguished.

Committee Reports:  Webster University Gorlock GALA judges needed for 25, 26, and/or 27 January.  Registration must be faxed in.  Contact Max Kaiser if interested.

Old Business:  Audit needs to occur after new officers begin.  Tom “Terrific” Krauska volunteered to do the audit. Kelli Bottini (Treasurer) provided the balance.  New Member form received from Susan Carillo; No motion needed for audit.

New Business:  Kelly Bottini provided application from Susanne Carillo – Funds received; voted in.  Kelly Bottini 1st motion; 2nd motion by Max Kaiser.

Correspondence and Announcements:
•       Club:  13 March 2013.
•       Area:  30 March 2013 Cliff Cave Branch St. Louis County Library on Telegraph Road.  Volunteers are needed.  Contact Area Governor Bob Heaton if you are interested; Mr. Heaton’s business cards are available in tonight’s and future club meetings.
Community Involvement:
•       Max Kaiser, Jr., AC-Gold, will serve as a judge at the American Legion High School Oratory Contest on Saturday, January 19th in West St. Louis County.

Roles of the Evening:
Toastmaster: Brian Ettling
Table Topics Master: Bill Collier
General Evaluator: Max Kaiser, Jr.
Grammarian: David Wilkins       Report:  6 uses of “Repugnant”; no grammatical errors
Timer: Dee McAliney
Camera:  Sean Page (substitute for Michael DePung) – Thank you!
Invocator/Pledge of Allegiance: Traci Cahill
Vote Counter: Dave Domian
“AH” Counter: Kelly Bottini     Report:  No count taken but did ring the bell
Joke Master: Steve Bettag (substitute for Jack Bettag) – Thank you!
Hot Seat: Steve Flick
Greeter: Kathy Kreitner

Table Topics Start: 721P
Contestants:  Rob Van Winkle, Traci Cahill, David Wilkins, Dave Domian, Susan Carillo, Kelly Bottini, Kathy Kreitner, Steve Winheim, Dee McAliney, Sean Page, and Jerry Paul
Table Topics End: 740P

Speaking/Evaluation Portion Start: 752P
Speaker 1: Steve Flick “Impromptu Speaking” (10m)               Evaluator 1: Carrie Driscoll
Speaker 2: Howard Brandt “Gold Bugs Beware”     (9m) – Sub      Evaluator 2: Rich Ullrich
Speaker 3: Jim Ruzicka “How’s My Driving” (6m)                  Evaluator 3: George Kiser
Speaker 4: Kip Guthrey “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy” (7m) – Sub  Evaluator 4: Tom Terrific
Sub – Substitute
Speaking/Evaluation Portion End:  851P

Best Speaker: Jim Ruzicka                       Best Evaluator: George Kiser
Best Table Topic Speaker: David Wilkins         Most Improved: Carrie Driscoll
Meeting Concluded:  902P

In attendance:  Brian Ettling, Tom Terrific, Sean Page, Kathy Kreitner, Petrina Monti, Jerry Paul, Susan Carillo (NEW!), Bill Collier, Steve Flick, Steve Bettag, Howard Brandt, Traci Cahill, Dave Domian, Carrie Driscoll, David Wilkins, Max Kaiser, Steve Winheim, George Kiser, Rob Van Winkle, Dee McAliney, Jim Ruzicka, Rich Ullrich, Kelly Bottini, and Kip Guthrey


Rob Van Winkle, AC-Silver, Secretary SCTM #1957

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