Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2013

Meeting Date and Time 9 January 2013, 7:00pm
Meeting Title / Theme:  New Starts
Meeting Called to Order:  700P
Word of the Evening:  Cogent
Guests:  Susan Carillo, Richard Hires (former member returning), Andrew Stanley, and Bob Heaton (Area Governor)

Start of Business Meeting: 720P
Minutes of the last meeting: Approved with no changes
Officer Reports:  None
Committee Reports:  None
Old Business:  SD Cards were purchased by Adam Kutell; Requests reimbursement of $75.80 – approved previous to this meeting
New Business:  Bob Heaton inducted new officers for January to June 2013; Thanks to all past officers. South County Toastmasters inducted their club’s new officers. President Jerry Paul, Officer-At-Large Carl Hendrickson, Secretary Rob VanWinkle, VP Membership Matt Ramshaw; Sergeant at Arms Petrina Monti, VP Public Relations Traci Cahill, Treasurer Kelly Bottini, and VP Education Adam Kutell.

Roles of the Evening:
Toastmaster: Bill Collier
Table Topics Master:  Kathy Kreitner
General Evaluator:  Don Clair
Grammarian: Dave Domian
Timer: Kelly Bottini
Camera:  Jeffrey Hall
Invocator/Pledge of Allegiance: Jack Bettag
Vote Counter: Adam Kutell
“AH” Counter: Steve Bettag
Joke Master: Traci Cahill
Hot Seat: Kip Guthrey
Greeter: Carl Hendrickson

Table Topics Start: 732P
Table Topics Contestants:  Kathy Denton, Sean Page, Jerry Paul, Brian Ettling, David Wilkins, and Petrina Monti
Table Topics End: 745P

Speaking/Evaluation Portion Start: 750P
Speaker 1: Kip Guthrey          Evaluator 1: Rob Van Winkle
Speaker 2: Dave Domian  Evaluator 2: Judy Sowers
Speaker 3: Shreya Gopal Evaluator 3: Steve Flick
Speaker 4: Gina Willard         Evaluator 4: Sudi Gopinath
Speaking/Evaluation Portion End:  848P

Best Speaker: Dave Domian                       Best Evaluator: Sudi Gopinath
Best Table Topic Speaker: David Wilkins         Most Improved:  Shreya Gopal

Meeting Concluded:  900P

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