Putting Power Point on a USB Thumb Drive

Recently a club member brought her Power Point show to a meeting and while the show played fine, the audio which was part of the show did not play. I also had a show that needed video as part of the show and I had to do some research on how to make it work.

The problem is that PPT includes pictures and graphs natively as part of it’s format, but when you try to add audio or video, it handles those differently in older versions. It only adds links to these formats so that when you move your slide show to a thumb drive, it’s only including the links and not the actual files.

Here’s how to get your PPT slide show to run from a thumb drive with the included audio and video.

In 2010 you choose

  • File
  • Save & Send
  • Package Presentation for CD
  • Click on the Package for CD icon

When this box opens up, name your program at the top, but then choose – Copy to Folder – and then browse to where you want your folder to be found.

Now Power Point will ask you, “Do you want to include linked files in your package?” Your answer is obviously YES.

When it’s done, all you have to do in copy the entire folder to your thumb drive and it will have all the files necessary to play your presentation.

2010 Version Notes

In 2010 you have two options for adding video or audio. When you go to choose the File, you can either insert it or add a link to the file. The advantage of a link is that it keeps the PPT file small and it will play on older versions of PPT.

The advantage of the newer 2010 version is that the video is part of the presentation and when you save the file you are also saving the video.

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