Meeting Minutes – January 25, 2012

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957 Meeting
Date:    01/25/2012  Called to order at:  7:00 pm Location: Met Life Building
Presiding officer:  Petrina Monti
Greeter: Alita Quires
Invocator: Craig Gissy
Officers’ Reports:
Chart boards will be up next week.
I need to have anyone in the CL or ACB, ACS ACG books bring them to me so that I can update the charts. I will do as many as I can at meetings but if you can leave your book with me for the week that would be great. The club will hit 10 out of 10 for our Distinguished Club award.

I will be starting to have “new member meetings” with new members the week following their induction 30 minutes PRIOR to the club meeting (unless their is a conflict).

For the monthly schedule, my procedure will be:
1) On the first of the month (for instance February 1st for the March schedule), I will email the club. I
will be asking for:
a) does the member have any roles they want to be on the schedule for
b) will the member NOT be available for any of the weeks.

2) On the 15th of the month (for instance February 15th for the March schedule), I will post the schedule on Turbo Base and email the club.

3) As per the duties of my office, I am to keep the schedule current until 3 to 5 days before the meeting.
Since, as a club, the GE & TM usually start verifying the week before, I will be keeping the schedule current on Turbo Base until the night of the prior week’s meeting (for instance, the 2/1 schedule is now in their hands). When I read the schedule at the end of the meeting, the VPE’s job is finished for that week’s schedule. I will email the schedule to the GE & TM the next day.

Committee Reports:
Old Business:
Petrina and Howard reminded us to abide by the rules of the Met Life Building and that we are fortunate to have the building for our meetings.
New Business:
Correspondence & Announcements:

Toastmaster:  Violet Tatum          Theme: not known
Grammarian:    Kevin Wilson        Word: Propensity
Time Keeper:  Diane Fawcett
Vote Counter:  Kevin Reichardt
Ah Counter:    Jim Ruzicka
Camera Op:    Jerry Paul
Table Topics:  Stephanie Payne
Speakers and Evaluators:

Speaker 1: Brian Ettling          Evaluator 1: George Kiser
Speaker 2: Kelly Bottini        Evaluator 2: Laurie Mestdagh
Speaker 3: Steve Flick            Evaluator 3: Kathy Denton
Speaker 4: Dee McAliney                Evaluator 4: BiIl McNabb
General Evaluator:  Steve Bettag
Joke Master:  Joanne Korba

Most Improved: Kelly Bottini
Best Table Topics: Kevin Wilson
Best Evaluator: George Kiser
Best Speaker: Steve Flick
Meeting Rating:      9.5      Meeting adjourned at:  8:58 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  Joanne Korba
Guests:  Sudi Gopinath, Mr. and Mrs. Ettling and Pete Asbacher
Attendance: 29 members

Bettag, Steve
Bottini, Kelly
Cahill, Traci
Calloway, Adam
Denton, Kathy
Ettling, Brian
Fawcett, Diane
Flick, Steve
Gissy, Craig
James, Thad
Kiser, George
Korba, Joanne
Marian, Michael
Mestdagh, Laurie
McAliney, Dee
McNabb, Ben
McNabb, Bill
Monti, Petrina
Paul, Jerry
Payne, Stephanie
Quires, Alita
Reichardt, Kevin
Ruzicka, Jim
Sapienza, Barb
Scott, Nilsa
Tatum, Violet
Ulrich, Rich
VanWinkle, Rob
Wilson, Kevin

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