Dues for Members

Dues and Fees:

South County Toastmasters is a self-supporting not-for-profit organization.  Our club is open to anyone who wants to better develop leadership and communication skills.   To this end, we work to keep our dues and fees modest and accessible – and have scholarships available for those that need a little assistance.

Our regular membership dues and fees are $76.00 per 6-month period and are collected for:

Expense PurposeAmount
Toastmasters International$45.00
Meeting Room$25.00
Local Club$6.00
Total Dues and Fees$76.00

In addition to this, new members have a one-time new member fee of $30.00 which is sent to Toastmasters International.   The purpose for each of these is further explained below.

Our semi-annual membership terms and the due date by which members must pay are:

Membership TermPayment Due
April 1 – September 30March 15
October 1 – March 31September 15

For New Members
New members that join during one of the semi-annual terms will pay the $30 one-time new member fee plus a prorated amount for the remaining balance of the membership term.  For example, if you join in either July or January you’ll pay $68.00 — the $30.00 new member fee plus $38.00 (see below) since the membership term is half over. The regular dues proration schedule is as follows:

Membership MonthProrated Dues
April or October$76.00
May or November$64.00
June or December$51.00
July or January$38.00
August or February$26.00
September or March$13.00

Explanation of Dues and Fees

Toastmasters International
Supports the international organzation’s programming and resources.  This includes extensive online resources via Pathways, awards and recognition programs, subscription to Toastmasters monthly magazine, high-quality support, and more.

Meeting Room
We pay a small amount for the weekly use of our meeting space including room setup, cleaning, use of their audio-visual equipment, small kitchenette and other facilities.  

Club Dues
This small amount helps cover the modest but necessary operating costs required to run a high-quality club – such things as materials and supplies, awards and recognition, and more.

New Member Fee
This one-time charge is to cover the cost of new member onboarding and setup, most of which is remitted to Toastmasters International.  This fee is not collected for members being reinstated, i.e. returning to the club after some period of absence.

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