Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2011

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957 Meeting
Date:    07/13/2011  Called to order at:  7:00 pm Location: Met Life Building
Presiding officer: Kathy Denton
Greeter: Tom Terrific
Invocator:  Steve Bettag
Officers’ Reports:
Committee Reports:
Carl Hendrickson reported that Education Committee met prior to this evening’s Toastmaster meeting.  They discussed having a speech marathon on months where there are 5 Wednesdays with the marathon being on the last Wednesday of those months. The first month that has 5 Wednesdays is August.
There was some discussion on how the club has attempted to have these marathons in the past.  They occurred once per month.  The idea behind the speech marathons would be for members working on Advanced Communicator manuals where speeches are 10+ minutes.
The motion to hold the speech marathons was voted on and passed.  More info to come.

Alan Kirby announced that he is the next contest chair.  The contest will be held on the last Wednesday in August and it will be on humorous speeches and table topics.  It was brought to the attention of the club that this would interfere with the speech marathon.  Carl said that would be fine.
Old Business:
Max announced that any members who would like to be a judge for National and International speeches at Webster and Lindenwood University to please see him.  There will be 4 contests in the Fall and 3 in the Spring.
New Business:
Barb Sapienza and Erin Gissel received the Toastmasters Full Circle Award.  Congratulations to the both of them.

Bill McNabb was formally inducted.

Carol from District 8 was in attendance to present the club with the Go Getter Ribbon.  It was announced at the TLI Training that the club would receive this award.

The picnic last week was a huge success.  Thank you to Erin Gissel and Adam Kutell for all your hard work you put into this day, it is greatly appreciated.  Erin submitted receipts from the picnic totaling $431.16 to be reimbursed back to her.  The motion was voted on and passed.
Correspondence & Announcements:
Toastmaster:  Alan Kirby      Theme: Learning from Failure
Grammarian:  Petrina Monti    Word:  Namaste
Time Keeper:  Nilsa Scott
Vote Counter:  Diane Fawcett
Ah Counter:  Bill McNabb
Camera Op:  Alita Quires
Table Topics: George Kiser
Speakers and Evaluators
Speaker 1: Brenda McNaughton      Evaluator 1:  Kevin Wilson
Speaker 2: Steve Flick          Evaluator 2:  Joann Korba
Speaker 3: Bill Collier              Evaluator 3: Adam Kutell
Speaker 4: Erin Gissel              Evaluator 4: Dee McAliney
General Evaluator:  Laurie Mestdagh
Joke Master: Kelly Bottini
Most Improved:  Brenda McNaughton
Best Table Topics: Carl Hendrickson
Best Evaluator: Adam Kutell
Best Speaker:  Bill Collier
Meeting Rating: Near Perfect  Meeting adjourned at: 9:10 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  Steve Bettag
Guests: Jerry Paul, Andrew Wapthaka, Traci Cahill
Attendance: 30 members
Beckman, Mike
Bettag, Steve
Bottini, Kelly
Brandt, Howard
Collier, Bill
Denton, Kathy
Fawcett, Diane
Flick, Steve
Gissel, Erin
Hendrickson, Carl
Kaiser Jr., Max
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Korba, Joanne
Kutell, Adam
McAliney, Dee
McNabb, Bill
McNaughton, Brenda
Marian, Michael
Mestdagh, Laurie
Monti, Petrina
Quires, Alita
Sapienza, Barb
Scott, Nilsa
Sowers, Judy
Stewart, Brent
Swift, Rory
Tatum, Violet
Terrific, Tom
Wilson, Kevin

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