Seeing Your Notes While Running Power Point

If you’ve ever wondered why many speakers still rely on all those bullet points in a presentation, it’s mainly because they don’t know their material.

Now there’s a way to show great graphic visuals and still have notes to reference while using Power Point.

If you’re using Office 2010, Power Point has a feature called “Presenter View.” It’s hidden under the Slide Show tab and has to be checked. Then when you click on “slide show” your presentation will show on the screen and your slides and notes will show on your laptop.

Option #2

David Pogue wrote an interesting article in the NY Times about using Power Point with a laptop. The gist of the article was that sometimes you don’t have access to your laptop when doing a program and may not have access to your laptop’s screen. What he suggests is that you print out your Power Point speaker notes so that you can refer to them when your laptop is not available.

One thought on “Seeing Your Notes While Running Power Point

  1. Apple has a mac version of PowerPoint called Keynote. It also offers “Presenter View.”

    Both programs have a “B” button that Blanks the screen. This is important to do periodically throughout the presentation. It will take the attention of the audience from the screen to YOU. This is where is should be because YOU are the presenter!

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