Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2011

Record of Special Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957
TMI Speech and Evaluation Contest

Meeting Date: 3/9/11
Called to order at: 7:00pm
Location: Met Life Bldg
Presiding officer: Kevin Wilson
Contest Master: Kevin Reichardt
Chief Judge: Steve Flick
Time Keepers: Brian Ettling, Tom “Terrific” Krauska
Vote Counters: Judy Sowers, Jim Ruzicka, Brenda McNaughton
Tie-Breaking Judge: Kevin Wilson
Invocator: Howard Brandt
Pattern Speaker: Max Kaiser, Jr
Sgt-At-Arms: Mike Marian
Officers’ Reports (VP Ed, VP Membership, VP PR, Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms, Officer at Large)
Committee Reports:
Old Business:
Kevin Wilson, President: Reminder that the St Patrick’s Day Parade will be Sat March 12th.  See Steve Flick for details.
New Business:
Correspondence & Announcements:

Fiorela Roorigano
Heather Mestdagh
Jim Salih



Speaker 1:  Diane Fawcett
Speaker 2:  Don Clair
Speaker 3:  Alan Kirby
Speaker 4:  Carl Hendrickson

Evaluator 1: Bill Collier
Evaluator 2: Erin Gissell
Evaluator 3: Gina Willard
Evaluator 4: Kathy Denton

Speech Contest Winners:  1st Place – Alan Kirby, 2nd Place – Don Clair
Evaluation Winners:  1st Place – Kathy Denton, 2nd Place – Bill Collier
**Trophies were provided by Arch Engraving.
Meeting adjourned at:  8:53pm
Minutes submitted by:  Laura Zemann,  Secretary.

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