Meeting Minutes January 19, 2011

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957

Meeting Date:     1/19/11
Called to order at:  7:00pm
Location:  Met Life Bldg
Presiding officer:  Kevin Wilson
Toastmaster:  Steve Flick
Time Keeper:  Max Kaiser, Jr
Camera Op:  Steve Bettag
Ah Counter:  Brenda McNaughton
Table Topics:  Petrina Monti
Vote Counter:  Ajay Panackal
Joke Master:  Gary Rickert
Grammarian:  Adam Kutell
General Eval:  Dee McAliney
Invocator:  George Kiser
Officers’ Reports (VP Ed, VP Membership, VP PR, Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms, Officer at Large)
Laura Zemann passed the “Toastmaster of the Year” tally sheet
Committee Reports:
Old Business:
TLI – Saturday 1/22/11 at Edward Jones campus 8:00am
Adam Kutell suggested the minutes from 1/12/11 attendance should reflect Don Wieland as a member.
New Business:
Adam Kutell and Erin Gissel will be organizing a Spring Party since our Holiday Party had to be cancelled.  More information to follow.
Correspondence & Announcements:
George Kiser spoke at the Evaluator Workshop event held in Collinsville on 1/18/11.
Max Kaiser Jr. – Judges are needed for the Webster University  “Gorlok Gala” Debate & Oratory Tournament January 26, 27, 28 from 8:00am – 6:00pm at the Webster University campus at Big Bend & Edgar Road, Webster Groves, MO.  Judges receive $10.00 per round and may judge one (1) round or ALL day.  Lunch is provided at NO CHARGE to judges. Email Max at to participate.  Three SCTMs have signed up to be judges: Rob VanWinkle, Erin Gissel & Max Kaiser, Jr

The evening’s word was    “idiosyncrasy”

Brian Ettling
Mark Denk
Stacy Stefanski
Sara Zapf

Archambault, Joe
Bateman, David
Bettag, Steve
Brandt, Howard
Denton, Kathy
Flick, Steve
Gissel, Erin C.
Kaiser Jr, Max
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Kutell, Adam
Marian, Mike
McAliney, Dee
McNaughton, Brenda
Monti, Petrina
Panackal, Ajay
Rickert, Gary
Ullrich, Rich
VanWinkle, Robert
Willard, Gina
Wilson, Kevin
Winheim, Steve
Zemann, Laura
Guests:  4
Members:  24
Total:  28

Speakers and Evaluators
Speaker 1:  Alan Kirby        Evaluator 1:  Steve Winheim
Speaker 2:  Gina Willard    Evaluator 2:  Howard Brandt
Speaker 3:  Rich Ulrich        Evaluator 3:  Rob VanWinkle
Speaker 4:  Joe Archambault    Evaluator 4:  Erin Gissel
Most Improved:     Joe Archambault
Best Table Topics:  Adam Kutell
Best Evaluator:    Rob VanWinkle
Best Speaker:  Gina Willard
The General Evaluator rated the meeting a 8.8
Meeting adjourned at:  9:10pm
Minutes submitted by:  Laura Zemann,  Secretary.

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