Meeting Minutes September 15, 2010

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957
Theme:  Bucket List
Meeting Date: Sept 15, 2010_ Called to order at: 7:00______ Location: Met Life bldg. 107-c__
Presiding officer:  Kevin Reichardt_______________          Toastmaster: Alan Kirby ______
Time Keeper: Bill Collier_
Camera Op: _________
Ah Counter: Jim Ruzika      _______________                        Table Topics: Adam Kutell____________
Vote Counter:  Barb Sapienza ____________                          Joke Master: George Kiser _______________
Grammarian:  Max Kaiser Jr.  _________________                General Eval: Kevin Wilson______________
Invocator:  Kathy Denton      ________________                  Greeter:  ________________
Correction to previous minutes:  none
Minutes were accepted as read.
Officers’ Reports (VP Ed, VP Membership, VP PR, Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms, Officer at Large)
Club Treasurer, Joe Archambault, has received some checks to cover dues and will continue to give reminders.  He would like to have all updates by the last Monday of this month

Barb Sapienza, VP of Education, encouraged the members to complete their Competent Leadership manual.  She explained that the assignments for this award are tasks done during the meetings so members should bring their competent leadership manuals to the meetings so that another member can evaluate their performance on these assignments.  She will be presenting information on the Competent Leadership manual at a special mentoring workshop next Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. before the regular meeting and invites anyone who is interested to attend.  Another reason to earn the Competent Leadership award is that our Club receives points to maintain our status as a President’s Distinguished Club.
Committee Reports:
Howard Brandt is distributing the flyer/sign up, for our anniversary dinner.  So far 9 people have signed up.  You can bring as many guests as you like.  Howard needs the money in by Oct. 13th, the week before the event.
Max Kaiser Jr. informs us that Webster Univ. is looking for judges at their speech contest.  They give a $10 honorarium and welcome Toastmasters to preside.
Old Business:

Kathy Denton reports that our DVD/Camcorder has been repaired and returned to the club.  It uses DVD-RW mini discs as before.  You can bring your own or purchase one from the camera operator on the night of your speech for $2.

New Business

Treasurer, Joe Archambault submitted a receipt of $48.00 for trophies from the Speech and Table Topics Contest.  A motion was made by Max Kaiser Jr. for reimbursement motion was seconded by Alan Kirby.  Bill Collier of Arch Engraving has offered to donate the trophies to the club.  We gratefully accept.

Correspondence & Announcements:

The evening’s word was “Adroit”________________________________________________

Guests: Loretta Harr, Sara Zapf

Joe Archambault
Howard Brandt
Bill Collier
Kathy Denton
Erin Gissel
Max Kaiser Jr.
Alan Kirby
George Kiser
Joanne Korba
Adam Kutell
Mike Marion
Brenda McNaughton
Mike Marion
Petrina Monti
Eric Rechtin
Kevin Reichardt
Jim Ruzika
Barb Sapienza
Brendt Stewart
Tom Terrific
Kevin Wilson
Laura Zemann

Speakers and Evaluators
Speaker 1:    Brendt Stewart____________
Evaluator 1: Brenda McNaughton _____________
Speaker 2:    Eric Rechtin______________
Evaluator 2: Erin Gissel____________
Speaker 3:    Joe Archambault_________
Evaluator 3: Tom Terrific____________
Speaker 4:    ________                                  Evaluator 4: _______
Speaker 5:    __________________
Evaluator 5: _________________________
Most Improved:     Brenda McNaughton ____________
Best Table Topics: ________
Best Evaluator:    Tom Terrific______
Best Speaker: Brendt Stewart ________
The General Evaluator rated the meeting a 9.5_
Meeting adjourned at 8:53_______________

Minutes submitted by, Petrina Monti, Secretary.

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