Reading Aloud

Thanks to Fred Miller for permission to share this tip.


Reading Aloud Will Improve Your Delivery.

Practice -Practice -Practice

We’ve all heard that mantra, and it’s true.

And one of the best ways to improve your voice is to:

Read Aloud – Read Aloud – Read Aloud

Hearing yourself as you speak, and listening to a recording of yourself, are two of the quickest ways to improve your Verbal Delivery.

Areas for improvement are quickly ‘heard’ and usually easy to correct.

Pay attention to your:

  • Pronunciation and Enunciation
    • Are words pronounced as they should be with the correct syllables emphasized?
    • Is your diction correct, or are you mumbling?
    • Are you speaking clearly and distinctly?
      • If English is your second language, or if you have a regional accent, don’t completely trust your own judgment on this, get the opinion of a trusted adviser.
      • Projection of your voice
        • Will the entire audience be able to hear you clearly?
        • Is the projection consistent, or does your voice sometimes fade?
      • Inflection
        • Do you speak in a boring monotone, or do you correctly put inflection into sentences that paint vivid pictures in the minds of the audience.
      • Cadence
        • Is the pace of your delivery boringly the same, or do you quicken and slow down the speed based on emotion and content?
      • Pauses
        • Do you stop speaking long enough for the audience to digest the words you’ve just spoken, or enjoy laughing at a humorous statement?

Pick a variety of material to read.

  • Read aloud several news headlines and the stories that follow.
  • Read aloud magazine articles.
  • Read aloud children’s books.
    • These are among the best to read, since many are written with the intention to be read aloud to kids.
      • If you have a child, or children to practice on, so much the better.

Read Aloud, and ‘Hear’ the improvement!

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