Meeting Minutes April 7, 2010

Record of Regular Meeting of South County Toastmasters Club #1957

Meeting held at MetLife Service Center, room 107-C
Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.

* Presiding Officer    Alan Kirby
* Toastmaster    Jim Ruzicka
* Timekeeper    Tom Terrific
* Camera    Amby Mafort
* “Ah” Counter    Kevin Reichardt
* Table Topics Master    Joe Archambault
* Vote Counter    Petrina Monti
* Joke Master    Adam Kutell
* Grammarian    Judy Sowers (“resourceful”)
* General Evaluator    Richard Hiers
* Invocator    Nilsa Scott

* Treasurer – Adam Kutell requested $324 reimbursement for TM dues he paid by personal credit card. Steve Flick moved to reimburse Adam; Tom Terrific seconded. Members approved reimbursement.
* Education – Kevin Reichardt presented Jack Bettag with the club’s Full Circle Award.
* Membership – Erin Gissel shared guest feedback. One guest was not impressed with meeting (Education Night); already knew information presented. Two (Jeffco Challengers) were favorably impressed by our guest book and follow-up; they plan to bring the idea to their club.

* Drew Smith was inducted into SCTM; mentor is Jim Ruzicka.

* The club voted to stop the monthly speech marathon nights.

* St. Louis Urban Debate League is holding a summer session, poss. third week of June. They need to fill judge and other positions; for details or if interested, contact Max Kaiser.

* Laura Zemann/Erin Gissel
* Mike Marian/Kathy Denton

* Best Table Topics    Amby Mafort
* Best Evaluator    Kathy Denton
* Best Speaker    Mike Marian
* Most Improved    Richard Hiers

* Archambault, Joe
* Bettag, Jack
* Denton, Kathy
* Flick, Steve
* Gissel, Erin
* Hiers, Richard
* Kaiser, Max
* Kirby, Alan
* Kutell, Adam
* Mafort, Amby
* Marian, Mike
* Monti, Petrina
* Reichardt, Kevin
* Ruzicka, Jim
* Scott, Nilsa
* Sowers, Judy
* Terrific, Tom
* Winheim, Steve
* Zemann, Laura

* Drew Smith (became a member of SCTM) His coach is Jim Ruzicka.

Total Attendance = 20 (19 members, 1 guest)

General Evaluator’s rating = 9.5

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Steve Flick, club Secretary, on 4/10/2010

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