Meeting Minutes March 17, 2010

Meeting minutes, 3/17/2010

Mon, March 22, 2010 8:01:16 AM
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Meeting Date, 3/17/2010
Location, MetLife Bldg., room 107-C
Meeting Called to Order at 7:03 p.m.

Presiding Officer, Alan Kirby
Invocator, Barb Sapienza
Toastmaster, Petrina Monti
Timekeeper, Kevin Wilson
“Ah” Counter, Judy Sowers
Vote Counter, Don Clair
Grammarian, Steve Winheim (occasion)
Camera, Howard Brandt
Table Topics, Alan Kirby
General Evaluator, Diane Fawcett
Jokemaster, Max Kaiser

3/10/2010 minutes were accepted as submitted by Steve Flick

Officers’ Reports
* Membership: Erin Gissel asked about dues prorating for Chris Brown (expected to join at 3/24 meeting); after some discussion, President Kirby tabled matter. Asked that anyone who has knowledge of how to prorate member dues contact Erin.
* Public Relations: Petrina Monti read excerpt of Jacquie Vick letter thanking SCTM, other District 8 clubs for participating in 3/13 St. Pat’s Parade in St. Louis. According to letter, 21 clubs represented (30 participants, total).
* Treasurer: Membership fees ($33) are due at the end of March.
* Education: No report.

Committee Reports
* Speakers’ Bureau: Barb Sapienza is updating S.B. brochure. Number of speakers in “current” brochure are no longer active members. Barb asked club members to consider joining S.B. Carl Hendrickson gave a presentation at Orchard Terrace on March 7. Howard Brandt will be speaking to a group on June 4.

Old Business: none

New Business: none

* Max Kaiser said Area 9 needed judges for its 3/20 contest.
* Alan Kirby said Area 4 still needed timers as of 3/17.
* Alan will not attend 3/24 club meeting; Kevin Wilson will be acting President that evening.


* Archambault, Joe
* Brandt, Howard
* Clair, Don
* Fawcett, Diane
* Flick, Steve
* Gissel, Erin
* Hendrickson, Carl
* Kaiser, Max
* King, Mary Ann
* Kirby, Alan
* Kutell, Adam
* Mafort, Amby
* Marian, Mike
* Monti, Petrina
* Ruzicka, Jim
* Sapienza, Barb
* Sowers, Judy
* Van Winkle, Robert
* Wilson, Kevin
* Winheim, Steve

* Robert Ratliff
* Dee McAliney

20 Members
2 Guests
Total attendance – 22

* Mike Marian/Rob Van Winkle
* Adam Kutell/Mary Ann King
* Amby Mafort/Jim Ruzicka

* Best Table Topics – Carl Hendrickson
* Best Evaluator – Jim Ruzicka
* Most Improved – Amby Mafort
* Best Speaker – Mike Marian

General Evaluator’s Rating: 9.3
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Steve Flick, club Secretary

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