Video Tips for Speeches

When your using the camera in the Toastmaster setting, here are a few basic tips to produce a better video.

  • Turn on all the lights. You want as much light as possible. There is a control in the back of the room to do this. Many times we have a meeting with less than optimal lighting.
  • Don’t have a light source behind the speaker facing you – lights, open windows etc.
  • Get rid of any extra props left over by the previous speaker.
  • If the large projector screen is down, click the control to bring it up.
  • Watch the instructional video on our website under “Member Resources” to learn how to use the club camera.
  • Audio is just as important as video. You need to be as close to the speaker as possible. Setup your video table 4 tables away from the speaker.The farther away you are the poorer the video quality and the poorer the audio.
  • If available turn off the automatic microphone gain. (not possible with our current camera.)
  • Try for a “medium” shot on most speakers – that’s from the waist to the top of the head. Don’t set the camera on “wide angle.”
  • Use the zoom when necessary. Some speakers are quite active, so you may need to zoom in and out.
  • Put the small camera tripod on a piece of paper so you can follow the speaker as they move around. Move the paper, not the camera.
  • Arrive early and setup the camera. If you need help, ask a techie in the club.
  • Initialize or Unfinalize each disk as soon as you get each disk.
  • Finalize each disk before you return it to the speaker.
  • On Speech Marathon nights, ask that speakers with disks speak first in the speaking order, so that you have time to finalize the disks.
  • If you need more disks to sell, see Adam Kutell.


  • Arrive late, not knowing how to run the camera
  • Put the camera on wide angle and never look at the camera again.
  • Use the large tripod – it just puts you farther away from the speaker.

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