Meeting Minutes Feb. 3, 2010

Called To Order: 7:02 p.m.
Location: Room 107-C, MetLife Bldg.

Presiding Officer: Alan Kirby

Toastmaster: Max Kaiser
General Evaluator: Jack Bettag
Timekeeper: Mark Roling
“Ah” Counter: Tom Terrific
Vote Counter: Barb Sapienza
Grammarian: Kathy Denton (word = “prodigious”)
Invocator: Karl Beck
Camera: Dick Shields
Table Topics: Howard Brandt
Joke Master: Kevin Reichardt

Minutes from Jan. 27 meeting were accepted as submitted.

• VP-Education: Kevin R. will e-mail everyone within the week to confirm their status (working on CC, AC-B, CL, etc., and how far along), to be sure club is making progress toward Distinguished/Select goals. Also, Kevin brought attention to newest Toastmasters magazine, article on mentoring. Presented “Full Circle” award to Adam Kutell.
• VP-Membership: none
• VP-Public Relations: Petrina mentioned picture of new officers in South County Times. Also, next week’s meeting is “Public Speaking 101”; Petrina made up a number of flyers on the event, asked members to circulate them, post where possible.
• Treasurer: none

• Education Committee (Carl Hendrickson, chair) holding its first meeting on March 10, 6:30 pm, prior to regular club meeting.

• Lincoln-Douglas Debates @ Oakville H.S. on Feb. 6 – Carl H. asked for volunteers. Details in last week’s minutes.
• Club speech/evaluation contest on Feb. 17; resources are on SCTM web site (
• Area 4 speech/eval contest, Mar. 20 @ Twin Rivers Worship Center – details to follow.
• Max thanked club members who helped with Webster Univ. Forensics Contest last month.

• Dick Shields requested reimbursement ($143) for expenses incurred putting on annual club Christmas party. Motion was passed, with one “nay” (Howard, of course).
• Mike Marion installed as newest member of SCTM (Erin moved, Rob V. seconded, all approved). Tom Terrific is Mike’s mentor.

Alan (Pres.) thanked officers for attending training on Jan. 30 (needed four to comply with TI requirement – all 7 new SCTM officers attended).

• Paul Cook (Area 4 governor)
• Mike Marion
• Kathy Hughes
• Madeline Weeker (sp?)
• Ralph Weeker
• Craig Sammelman

* Joe Archambault
* Karl Beck
* Jack Bettag
* Howard Brandt
* Bill Collier
* Kathy Denton
* Mike Dobrich
* Diane Fawcett
* Paul Ferguson
* Steve Flick
* Erin Gissel
* Carl Hendrickson
* Max Kaiser
* Mary Ann King
* Alan Kirby
* Adam Kutell
* Amby Mafort
* Petrina Monti
* Kevin Reichardt
* Mark Roling
* Barb Sapienza
* Dick Shields
* Tom Terrific
* Rob Van Winkle
* Laura Zemann

Total: 26 members, 6 guests

• Speaker 1: Mike Dobrich (Eval – Joe Archambault)
• Speaker 2: Steve Flick (Eval – Amby Mafort)
• Speaker 3: Erin Gissel (Eval – Alicia Flamm)
• Speaker 4: Diane Fawcett (Eval – Paul Ferguson)

• Most Improved: Diane Fawcett
• Best Table Topics: Carl Hendrickson
• Best Evaluator: Joe Archambault
• Best Speaker: Erin Gissel

Rating for the meeting: 9.0
Meeting adjourned: 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by Steve Flick, Secretary

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