Meeting Minutes January 27, 2010

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Called To Order: 7:01 p.m.
Location: Room 108, MetLife Bldg.

Presiding Officer: Alan Kirby

Theme: Speech-a-thon
Toastmaster: Mary Ann King
General Evaluator: n/a
Timekeeper: Judy Sowers
“Ah” Counter: n/a
Vote Counter: Jack Bettag
Grammarian: n/a
Invocator: Sue Dickemper
Camera: Kevin Wilson
Table Topics: n/a
Joke Master: Erin Gissel

Minutes from the 20 Jan 2010 meeting were accepted as submitted.

• VP-Education: none
• VP-Membership: none
• VP-Public Relations: none
• Treasurer: none

• Audit Committee found club books generally in order; additional records (recordkeeping) needed. One $20 check outstanding; otherwise, books balance.

TLI (officer training) takes place Saturday, Jan 30, 8:00 am-12:30 pm, at Twin Rivers Worship Center.
Club contest (Intl Speech, Evaluations) is Feb 17. We have five evaluation contestants, four speech contestants. President Kirby would like to see six people in each contest (2 more speeches, 1 more evaluator).


Don Clair has begun a “Heart of a Soldier” campaign, to get Valentine’s Day greetings to service men/women in Iraq, Afghanistan. Send your greeting by e-mail to Don Clair; call or write Don for more information.

(not mentioned at meeting but added by SF to give event sufficient notice) Oakville Sr. High’s “Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Public Forum” takes place next Saturday, February 6, at OHS. (They are apparently looking for judges.) Shifts for judging begin at 8:00 a.m. and run until late afternoon. Contact Ed Taylor, 314-467-7216, for details or to volunteer, or contact Carl Hendrickson for information.

GUEST: Mike Marion (member of A-B Toastmasters)

* Joe Archambault
* Jack Bettag
* Howard Brandt
* Don Clair
* Kathy Denton
* Sue Dickemper
* Paul Ferguson
* Steve Flick
* Erin Gissel
* Richard Hiers
* Mary Ann King
* Alan Kirby
* George Kiser
* Adam Kutell
* Petrina Monti
* Mark Roling
* Jim Ruzicka
* Barb Sapienza
* Nilsa Scott
* Judy Sowers
* Kevin Wilson
* Laura Zemann

Total: 22 members, 1 guest

• Speaker 1: Richard Hiers (Eval – Barb Sapienza)
• Speaker 2: Paul Ferguson (Eval – Adam Kutell)
• Speaker 3: Don Clair (Eval – Petrina Monti)
• Speaker 4: Kathy Denton (Eval – Mark Roling)
• Speaker 5: Howard Brandt (Eval – Jim Ruzicka)

• Most Improved: Kathy Denton
• Best Table Topics: n/a
• Best Evaluator: n/a
• Best Speaker: Don Clair (2nd, Howard Brandt)

Rating for the meeting: n/a
Meeting adjourned: 8:39 p.m.

Submitted by Steve Flick, Secretary

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