Last Minute Speakers

Carl Hendrickson has graciously accepted the post of “Last Minute Speaker Committee Chairperson.” His job is to find last minute fill-in speakers for the regular Toastmaster meeting.  Ideally these might be educational speeches and/or topics which have been suggested by our last club survey. Those topics are listed at the bottom of this posting.

Here are the speeches which have already been given:

Barb Sapienza on the Competent Leadership Manual
Howard Brandt on Robets Rules
Carl Hendrickson on Mentoring
Alan Kirby on Humor
Brent Stewart on Current Affairs

Many of the topics contain so much information that additional speeches may
be given on these subjects — Barb is talking about Leadership 102, Howard
on Advanced Roberts Rules, and I on Mentoring 102.


Club Survey July 2009 Topics/Training Suggested

– Club officer duties
– Train on CL, ACB etc. – Barb S did  Competent Leadership Manual
– Evaluating
– Camera operation
– Speaking Techniques – Vocal Variety – writing a speech, etc
– Interviewing
– Sales Presentations
– Public Affairs
– Starting your own business,
– Professional speaking
– Contest Judging
– Meeting roles
– New member training
– Books and how they should be used
– General communication skills
– Impromptu speaking
– Storytelling
– Using humor – done by Alan K.
– Mentoring training -done by Carl H.
– Parliamentary procedure – done once by Howard B.


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