Adequate, Good, or Great – What Do You Want to Be?

Last night I asked the question of club members if they wanted to be adequate, good or great speakers. 99% indicated they wanted to be great speakers.  One of the tips I shared with them is that if you want to be a great speaker, you need to listen to and watch other great speakers and try to incorporate what they do into your presentations.

Here’s a list of some of the speakers I have listened to and watched over the years which have helped me with my delivery.  Many of these you can find in the library, on YouTube or through

Art Berg
Art Mortell
Bill Cosby
Bill Gove
Bob Conklin
Bob Murphey
Carl Erskine
Charles Jarvis
Dave Roever
Dennis Waitley
Doc Blakeley
Earl Nightingale
Ed Foreman
George Burns
Gerald Coffee
Guy Doud
Harvey Mackay
Herb True
Jack Canfield
Jeanne Robertson
Jim Meisenheimer
Joe Griffith
Ken Blanchard
Kurt Kilpatrick
Leo Buscaglia
Les Brown
Mark Sanborn
Mark Scharenbrock
Mark Victor Hansen
Michael LeBoeuf
Norman Vincent Peale
Pat Fripp
Phillip Van Hooser
Robert Henry
Robert Schuller
Tom Antion
Tom Hopkins
Tom Peters
Tom Winninger
Tony Campollo
Tony Robbins
Win Pendleton
Zig Ziglar, – and lots more.

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