Meeting Minutes – August 5 2009

Regular Meeting Minutes of South County Toastmasters Club # 1957


Meeting Date: Wednesday August 5, 2009

Called To Order At: 7:00 pm CDT
Location: 107-C Right

Presiding Officer: Rich Ullrich, President

Toastmaster: Mark Roling
General Evaluator: Carl Hendrickson

Time Keeper:     Max Kaiser
Ah Counter:     Barb Sapienza
Vote Counter:     Bill Collier
Grammarian:     Sue Dickemper        “Fulfillment”
Invocator:     Mary Ann King
Camera Operator: Adam Kutell
Table Topics:     Jack Bettag
Joke Master     Steve Flick
Hot Seat:     Mike Dobrich
Greeter:         Howard Brandt

The second revised minutes from last week’s July 29h meeting were accepted as sent via e-mail to all members.



VP of Education: Kevin Wilson asked Competent Communicator candidates to fill out questionnaire at end of the CC manual and make sure to get Matt Ament’s signatures on the spots for those dates that Matt was the VPE.  Matt will not be available to sign books after August for those that need retroactive signatures..

VP of Membership:

VP of Public Relations:

Treasurer:  Mike Dobrich reimbursed Adam Kutell for the purchase of club DVD-RW (disks) for the camcorder.

Sergeant of Arms:
Officer at Large:


MARKETING COMMITTEE:  Karen Busch announced that all surveys have been returned and will have the data consolidated in a few weeks.
SCHEDULING COMMITTED: Tom Terrific said he realized that there are not enough speaking opportunities available to accommodate all the members for as many roles as they need, and passed around a survey to assist the committee with input for their decisions.


Steve Flick announced that he will be Chief Judge while Karl Beck will be Contest Master for the August 26th contests meeting
Brent Stewart read the proposed bylaw changes dealing with the club’s debit-card treasurer guidance and passed out printed copies of the changes.  A motion to accept the bylaw changes was introduced, and carried with a greater than 2/3 membership vote.

NEW BUSINESS:  Rich Ullrich announced that Paul Cook, Area 4 Governor asked us to donate $20 for the Area Contest.  A motion was introduced to donate the money, and the motion carried.


For the Speakers’ Bureau:
Howard Brandt will be talking about “Old Diz. The Story of Dizzy Dean” to the local chapter of the AARP on Tuesday, August 18th.  Carl Hendrickson will address the AARP chapter on Tuesday, September 15th, and
provide a legislative wrap-up of the 2009 Missouri legislative session.

Former club member Mary Menke’s husband passed away recently and a card was circulated for signatures.

Max Kaiser asked if any present members were planning to go to the Toasmasters Internation national convention.  Nobody present said “yes”.  He said he had no plans to go, but would like anybody who plans to go to contact him.

Correspondence received on Friday August 7th by the Secretary, from Tom Terrific, Chairman of the Scheduling Committee :

“The scheduling committee met today and came up with two ideas which we’d like to present to club to vote on next Wednesday to increase the number of speaking slots.

After communicating with every active member in the club except for one, I learned that for club members to achieve their

individual goals, we need 300 speaking opportunities a year. Currently we only schedule 192 speeches a year.

From previous surveys, members seemed to prefer the idea of Speaking Marathons, so here are the options:
Option #1
Speaking Marathons (written evaluations only)
4 speeches/meeting
Last meeting of the month have a speech marathon.

12 weeks X 10 = 120 speeches
36weeks  X 4 =  144 speeches

Total for 2010 = 264 /300 = 88% of Ideal

Option #2
Speaking Marathons (written evaluations only)
5 speeches/meeting
In months with 5 weeks, have a speech marathon in those months.

45 weeks of regular meetings 45 x 5 = 225 speeches

3 months have 5 weeks –
3 weeks of Speaking Marathons = 10 speeches x 3 = 30

Total for 2010 = 255 speeches/300 = 85% of Ideal

Option #3 – Keep things as they are.

To go to 5 speeches a week, certain things will have to change, but we used to schedule 5 speeches every week, so it can be done.

Please try and come to the next meeting to vote on this proposal.”

If you have any questions on this, Tom Terrific would prefer that you call him on the phone: 314-849-6114

Brenda McNaughton. She hopes to come again this week and bring her husband, Neville


Jack Bettag
Howard Brandt
Karen Busch
Don Clair
Bill Collier
Sue Dickemper
Mike Dobrich
Alicia Flamm
Steve Flick
Erin Gissel
Carl Hendrickson
Max Kaiser
Mary Ann King
Adam Kutell
Petrina Monti
Kevin Reichardt
Mark Roling
Barb Sapienza
Judy Sowers
Brent Stewart
Tom Terrific
Rich Ullrich
Rob Van Winkle
Gina Willard
Kevin Wilson

(Total:  25  plus 1 guest)


Speaker 1: Tom Terrific
Speaker 2: Erin Gissel
Speaker 3: Judy Sowers
Speaker 4:

Evaluator 1: Kevin Reichardt
Evaluator 2: Rob Van Winkle
Evaluator 3: Alicia Flamm
Evaluator 4:


Most Improved: Erin Gissel
Best Evaluator: Alicia Flamm
Best Table Topics: Bill Collier
Best Speaker: Tom Terrific


Rating for the meeting: 9.0
Meeting adjourned at 9:02 pm CDT

Respectively Submitted, Adam Kutell: Secretary

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