Minutes – July 29 2009

Regular Meeting Minutes of South County Toastmasters Club # 1957

Theme:  Favorite Sports Teams

Meeting Date: Wednesday July 29, 2009

Called To Order At: 7:00 pm CDT
Location: 107-C Right

Presiding Officer: Rich Ullrich, President

Toastmaster: Matt Ament
General Evaluator: Dee McAliney

Time Keeper:     Kevin Reichardt
Ah Counter:     Jack Bettag
Vote Counter:     Jim Ruzicka
Grammarian:     Rob Van Winkle        “Collaborate”
Invocator:     Petrina Monti
Camera Operator: Brent Stewart
Table Topics:     Howard Brandt
Joke Master     Cynthia Grega
Hot Seat:     Rich Ullrich
Greeter:         Tom Terrific

The revised minutes from last week’s July 29h meeting were accepted as sent via e-mail to all members.


President: RichUllrich mentioned that there was a change in contest-master for the August contests.  It had been announced that Alan Kirby would be contest-master but it Karl Beck will be taking that role.  Also announced that we need more people volunteering to do speeches and table topics for the humorous-speech and table topics contest in August.

VP of Education: Kevin Wilson said schedule for August is set-in-stone

VP of Membership: Sue Dickemper raised the question as to how to mark members as inactive in Turbobase, and Tom Terrific offered to instruct Sue on this task.

VP of Public Relations:  Mary Ann King announced that “The Call” published our photo of the new officers, albeit in black and white.

Treasurer:  Mike Dobrich is out of town, on vacation, and will resume treasurer duties upon return.

Sergeant of Arms:
Officer at Large:


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: The committee needed all surveys to be completed by the weekend.  An additional note was sent by Rich Ullrich on Monday the 3rd that if any members have not completed the club survey, please do so and submit it by 5pm Wednesday the 5th to Karen Busch or Rich Ullrich.  The results are needed by Wednesday for the marketing meeting Wednesday at 6:30.



NEW BUSINESS:  Dee McAliney proposed to form a committee to evaluate the speaker-scheduling problem discussed in the previous meeting and the week following.  Rich Ullrich announced that he had already created a committee for the sake of expediency, and that their finding(s) and/or proposal(s) would be voted on in an upcoming meeting.  Dee’s proposal was then withdrawn. “Members of the Scheduling Committee are Jim Ruzicka, Bill Collier, Howard Brandt, and Tom Terrific. Tom  will be the chairperson. Members are encouraged to send in ideas and suggestions to Tom ASAP (tom@tomterrific.com).”

Brent Stewart announced that he and Rich Ullrich had audited the books for the transition to the new treasurer, and found everything to be in order and that the records were kept well and without error.  A typewritten copy of the audit reported is in the possession of the Secretary for any member who needs to review it.  It was also noted that for certain business purposes, specifically for financial transactions with Toastmasters International, it is necessary for the club treasure to use a debit card.  For that reason, a proposed bylaw revision was handed out to all present members for treasurer’s guidance in debit-card policies/procedures.  That proposal is expected to be voted on in the upcoming meeting.  The secretary also has a copy that any member can view upon request.

Rob Van Winkle announced that during his recent vacation that he had visited Toastmasters Club #31, which was founded 74 years ago in Portland, Oregon, and participated as an evaluator.  Rob said they will be celebrating their 75th anniversary in April, 2010, and that they send their regards to our club and welcome any/all of us to help them celebrate this anniversary.
Tom Terrific announced that he will speak during the Aug 5th meeting about some of the technical tools at the disposal of the our club, including Turbobase, camcorder, and our club’s website.
Karl Beck passed around a sign-up sheet for the late-August contests participants.
Rich Ullrich announced that We were awarded the President’s Distinguished Club award. He also announced that he had met with the area governor and the other area-4 clubs July 27th, and the details of that meeting follow:
1)    The area contest will be Sat, Sept 12, 9:30am-Noon at the Oak Bend branch of the St. Louis County Library (Big Bend and I-44).
a.    Contest chair is still needed
b.    Contest judges and other support roles are still needed
c.    SCTM was asked to contribute $20 to help support the cost of the contest
d.    Paul Cook asked if there was interest in having a social get together near the library, after the contest.
2)    Area 4 is planning a late-fall event for the community to give unemployed people feedback on their resume, interview, and impromptu speaking skills.  If there is any interest from business, HR, or retirees, please contact Rich Ullrich or Kevin Wilson.
3)    Governor Paul Cook would like to have an assistant area governor of marketing.
4)    Governor Paul Cook will visit SCTM for the Aug. 19th meeting.
5)    The five clubs in area 4 are: SCTM 1957, JeffCo Challengers, Capital “T” TM, Twin Rivers Word-masters, and Crossroads BBJ (Business persons Between Jobs).
If anybody has interest in taking part in the area contest, please contact Rich Ullrich or Kevin Wilson.

John Liu, Paul Ferguson, and John Keith.


Matt Ament
Karl Beck
Jack Bettag
Howard Brandt
Sue Dickemper
Erin Gissel
Cynthia Grega
Carl Hendrickson
Mary Ann King
Adam Kutell
Dee McAliney
Sherrie McNail
Petrina Monti
Kevin Reichardt
Mark Roling
Jim Ruzicka
Barb Sapienza
Nilsa Scott
Brent Stewart
Tom Terrific
Amy Timmersman
Rich Ullrich
Rob Van Winkle
Gina Willard
Kevin Wilson

(Total:  25  plus 3 guests)


Speaker 1: Sue Dickemper
Speaker 2: Nilsa Scott
Speaker 3: Karl Beck
Speaker 4: Sherrie McNail

Evaluator 1: Gina Willard
Evaluator 2: Erin Gissel
Evaluator 3: Amy Timmersman
Evaluator 4: Mary Ann King


Most Improved: Sherrie McNail
Best Evaluator: Gina Willard
Best Table Topics: Carl Hendrickson
Best Speaker: Nilsa Scott


Rating for the meeting: 9.0
Meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm CDT

Respectively Submitted, Adam Kutell: Secretary

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