Minutes – July 22, 2009

Regular Meeting Minutes of South County Toastmasters Club # 1957

Theme:  Friends

Meeting Date: Wednesday July 22, 2009

Called To Order At: 7:00 pm
Location: 107-C Right

Presiding Officer: Rich Ullrich, President

Toastmaster: Judy Sowers
General Evaluator: Karen Busch

Time Keeper:     Jim Schaper
Ah Counter:     Adam Kutell
Vote Counter:     Erin Gissel
Grammarian:     Dee McAliney        “Confident” / “Gutsy”
Invocator:     Sue Dickemper
Camera Operator: Steve Winheim
Table Topics:     Tom Terrific
Joke Master     Howerd Brandt
Hot Seat:     Steve Flick
Greeter:         Kevin Wilson

The minutes from last week’s July 15h meeting were accepted as sent via e-mail to all members.


President: RichUllrich mentioned that there was a change in contest-master for the August contests.  It had been announced that Alan Kirby would be contest-master but it Karl Beck will be taking that role.  Also announced that we need more people volunteering to do speeches and table topics for the humorous-speech and table topics contest in August.

VP of Education: Kevin Wilson said schedule for August is set-in-stone

VP of Membership:

VP of Public Relations:  Mary Ann King thanked Gina for taking the fantastic photos of the officers after the induction meeting. Is trying to get newspapers and other publications to get them published.

Treasurer:  Mike Dobrich is waiting for treasure belongs to be handed over to him.  Rich Ullrich mentioned how he would be working with Brent Stewart to try to get the club books audited ASAP.  This should be completed Saturday morning.

Sergeant of Arms:
Officer at Large:


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Most members filled out the survey and a copy was emailed earlier in the day.  The committee needs the survey back by end of July so it can be tabulated by August.  The committee will meet the first Wednesday of August.



During Jokemaster portion of the meeting, we dicussed lopsided role-filling and how some members are not being filled in roles they need.  No solution or compromise was reached, and the discussion ended without any action. After the meeting, quite a few emails were circulating through the week continuing the discussion.

A motion was passed to reimburse Adam Kutell for the purchase of 36 DVDs. VP of membership will hold a stash to be delivered with notebooks to all new members, several will be kept in the camcorder box, and Adam will hold the remainder so they are kept more secure than the lectern cabinet.

Carl Hendrickson spoke to a Presbyterian Church congregation on pornography.  Howard Brandt and Rich Ullrich are also scheduled for upcoming speeches outside the Toastmasters venues.

The Area 4 board meeting will be on Monday July 27 at 7pm, Kirkwood UCC, 1603 Dougherty Ferry Road.
There was additional Club Officer training on Saturday July 25th (at the Twin Rivers Worship Center), and there will be additional training sessions on August 1st. in Cape Girardeau (Check the district-8 website www.dist8tm.org for more information and details).



Howard Brandt
Karen Busch
Sue Dickemper
Michael Dobrich
Rick Favolaro
Erin Gissel
Cynthia Grega
Carl Hendrickson
Mary Ann King
Adam Kutell
Dee McAliney
Petrina Monti
Jim Ruzicka
Jim Schaper
Judy Sowers
Brent Stewart
Tom Terrific
Rich Ullrich
Susan Walden
Gina Willard
Kevin Wilson
Steve Winheim

(Total: __22__)


Speaker 1: Susan Walden
Speaker 2: Rick Favolaro
Speaker 3: –
Speaker 4: –

Evaluator 1: Jim Ruzicka
Evaluator 2: Cynthia Grega
Evaluator 3: –
Evaluator 4: –


Most Improved: Cynthia Grega
Best Evaluator: Jim Ruzicka
Best Table Topics: Erin Gissel
Best Speaker: Susan Walden


Rating for the meeting: 9.6
Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm

Respectively Submitted, Adam Kutell: Secretary

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