Carole Embree – Poem – I Dont Know About You

I don’t know about you,
But I have this entourage
Of highly paid professionals
Taking care of me.

I have an Internist,
We all do.
And a dentist, too.

Then there is the gynecologist,
Ophthalmologist, psychologist,
Endocrinologist, dermatologist,

Let’s not forget the podiatrist for my big toe
And the ear guy, whatever he is called,
And the endodontist who did my root canal,
And the dietitian who tells me what I already know.

Now, not only does each part  have its own specialist,
It has its own special conditioning cream,
Not to be shared by any other body part.

There is the face cream, under eye cream, upper eye cream, lip cream,
Neck cream, body cream, hand cream, cuticle cream,
Heal cream, toe nail cream.
And of course, corresponding cleansing elixirs.

With all these doctors to advise and direct me,
And all this high priced stuff to spread all over and perfect me,
I cannot begin to reach the elegance and beauty of my mother,
Who had only one doctor and one dentist,
And her entire life used – Ponds Cold Cream.

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