Meeting Minutes September 15, 2021

South County Toastmasters

Meeting Type/Theme: Theme: Divine Intervention

Meeting Location: Sunset Hills Community Center/Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Patrick Hunt

Word of the Night: Conducive

President Patrick Hunt asked if there were any corrections or additions that needed to be made to the meeting minutes of Sep 8, 2021, hearing none, the minutes stand as posted.

Officers Reports:

  • President Patrick Hunt: 
    • The area 4 director visited last week and although she has not completed her report, she was very impressed with the club and was impressed by the hybrid meeting.
    • We had an executive board meeting last week concerning increasing membership. We will have an executive board meeting on September 30 (Thursday night) on Zoom to address this again. All club members are invited.
    • Patrick also gave an update on the club’s progress towards President’s Select. We have achieved 1.5 goals so far and are on our way to reaching this goal.
  • VPE Bill Collier: not present
  • VPPR Liz DeCamp: 
    • Liz is currently investigating advertising SCTM in the Riverfront Times. She asked if you think that this is feasible. If we can’t afford advertisement, then maybe we can announce SCTM milestones in the RFT for free.
    • Liz will visit the Sunset Hills Community Center to explore the layout of the facilities for the possible hanging of posters and to meet the staff.
    • Liz wants to record Pathway speeches by members to include in our Youtube feed. To this end, she asked Debbie Young to be the videographer for this project. Debbie agreed.
  • VPM Sandy Roll: 
    • The executive team met and discussed how to get companies involved with Toastmasters through membership of training. If any club members know of any companies that may be interested, let Sandy or Liz know about it.
  • Treasurer. Brent Stewart: 
    • Brent reminded us that dues are due. Send $76 ASAP to: Brent Stewart 5404 S. Lindbergh Blvd..St. Louis, MO  63123, check payable to South County Toastmasters. Brent will attend the club meeting of September 22 but will be absent on September 29. Please get your payments into Brent. We have collected dues for 18 members so far.
  • Secretary Jim Salih: none
  • Sgt-at-Arms JD Perper: none

Committee reports – none

Correspondence or Announcements 

  • Jim Salih announced the final tally on the memorial donation for John Cleary was $360.00 which includes the club donation of $50.00.
  • Brent announced that he received a letter from John Cleary’s mother which thanked us for returning his recently submitted $76.00 membership fee. Brent read the letter which complimented the club by saying that John enjoyed attending our meetings and she was happy that so many SCTMers attended his wake.
  • Kathy Denton encouraged club members to work on Pathway goals because any district awards for the club would be based on Pathway objectives.

Unfinished business – none

New business – none

Sandy announced:

October 20 – SCTM’s 1st annual FOUNDER’S DAY MEETING! Our club was started in October 1975 by Howard Brandt. Of course we’ll recognize Howard at this meeting, along with current members for their various accomplishments such as competing in contests at and above the club level, serving as officers at the area through district level and more. We’ll have food, drink and fun! BRING A GUEST – ESPECIALLY A PROSPECTIVE MEMBER!

October 27 – GHOST STORY CONTEST! Got a favorite story about spirits, vampires or other scary creatures? Sign up for our contest. Whether you are telling a story that night or not, come in costume. BRING A GUEST – ESPECIALLY A PROSPECTIVE MEMBER!

Business Meeting Adjourned 7:13 pm


InvocatorSean Sheehan
ToastmasterWinheim, Steve
Table Topics MasterDenton, Kathy
General EvaluatorRob Van Winkle
GrammarianHoehn, Jeff
TimerRoll, Sandy
Vote CounterDeCamp, Liz
Ah CounterKiser, George
Speaker 1Day, Bill
Speaker 2Steve Winheim
Speaker 3 
Evaluator 1Viswaroopan, Prathyush
Evaluator 2Koehr, Callie
Evaluator 3 


Most Improved:Callie Koehr
Best Table Topics:Brent Stewart
Best Evaluator:Callie Koehr
Best SpeakerBill Day

Ah Counter’s Report:  10 AHs

Grammarian’s Report:  uses of the word 5

Meeting Rating: 9.5

Meeting Adjourned: 7:25 pm


  • Sunset: JD Perper, Patrick Hunt, Steve Winheim, Rob Van Winkle, Bill Day, Jeff Hoehn, Sandy Roll, George Kiser, Brent Stewart, and visitor:  Mark Miller, Debbie Young
  • Zoom: Kathy Denton, Jim Salih, PV, Liz DeCamp, Sean Sheehan
  • Guests: Mark Miller, James O. Dowd (joining from Ireland)

Attendance Streaks for 2021 (with 4 or more):

27JD Perper
15Debbie Young
10Jim Salih
9Steve Winheim
9Liz DeCamp
7Patrick Hunt
7George Kiser
4Robert Van Winkle

Submitted by Jim Salih, Secretary

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