Meeting Minutes – South County Toastmasters – April 14, 2021

Meeting Minutes

South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date:April 14, 2021
Meeting Type/Theme:Time Travel
Meeting Location:Sunset Hills Community Center / Zoom
Called to Order:6:00 PM
Presiding Officer: George Kiser

Officers’ Reports:        

 President: George Kiser

  • George asked if there were any changes to the minutes and hearing none, the minutes of last week’s meeting were approved as posted.
  • Sunset Hills Community Center is now allowing up to 25 people in the room. (We have the capacity for 50 with both rooms –  which we have right now.) 
  • We are still practicing social distancing and masks are required.
  • SCTM is a hybrid club meeting format. You have the choice to attend either via Zoom or in person.

VPE: Patrick Hunt 

Treasurer: Prathyush Viswaroopan

VPM: Kim Bond

VPPR: Sandy Roll

Secretary: Callie Koehr

SCTM members who attend three or more consecutive meetings will be recognized at the conclusion of the minutes.   

Sergeant at Arms: Keith Page

Officer at Large: Jerry Paul

Committee Reports:

  • None 

New Business

  • Callie Koehr

I move that South County Toastmasters establish minimum time limits for all prepared speeches given at club meetings. In order to qualify for any South County Toastmaster Best Speaker award, the speaker’s presentation must be at least long enough to attain the “Green level”, which will be set for 1 ½  minutes prior to the speaker’s requested time. The “Yellow level” will be established at 1 minute prior to the speaker’s requested time and the “Red level” will be established AT the speaker’s requested time. Provided that the speaker concludes his or her speech any time after the Green level is reached and within 30 seconds after the Red is reached, they will qualify for the award of Best Speaker for the meeting.

  • George Kiser

The motion above is what the executive board discussed concerning minimum times. The purpose of the motion is to set a minimum time for qualified speakers. Speakers will qualify for awards at 1 ½ minutes prior to the requested time. The 1 ½ minutes over is additional language in the motion, but it’s what SCTM has done for some time. The motion also includes the green, yellow, and red levels we are already familiar with. 

Below is the discussion regarding the motion:

Jim Salih asks, “Why did we choose 1 ½ minutes rather than 2 ½ minutes like Toastmasters does on an official basis?”

George Kiser replied, “1 ½ minutes was sufficient time for newer Toastmasters, this way they would have leeway to establish the minimum time requirement. The Executive Committee thought 1 ½ minutes was appropriate and broad enough to be effective, yet not so narrow.”

Jim Salih replies, “This is not matching what members would follow if they were practicing for the International Speech Contest. If the club agrees, that’s fine but we are squeezing people more than they would’ve been at an International Speech Contest.”

Debbie Young comments, “Our decision should not be based on the timing device we recently acquired, however, there may be a “work around.” The timing device has a green light which goes 2 minutes before the requested time, a yellow light, 1 minute before the requested time, and a red light, right at the requested time. The device has a manual setting. Members will have to watch the timing when using the device. 

George Kiser states, “Hearing no other comments and no amendments to the motion, is there a call for the vote?”

SCTM has 29 members and 13 were present at the meeting. Therefore, there was not a quorum. 

Vic Mattison proposed we table the motion until another week when people have time to hear and decide.

George Kiser announced, “There are no objections to tabling the vote. We will vote when we have a quorum.”

Unfinished Business:

  • None


  • Debbie Young was selected to be the District Toastmaster of the Year.
  • Vic Mattison was voted on Saturday to be a Division Director. Vic will be the Division E Director (out west.)
  • Patrick Hunt was elected to be the Division A Director (which is ours.) 
  • The Division Director is in charge of 5 or 6 areas. Each area has 5 or 6 clubs, Therefore, they have 30 – 40 clubs they are responsible for.

A big congratulations to Vic, Patrick, and Debbie!!

Sean Sheehan

Sean announced, “I received a voicemail from the Southwest Area Chamber of Commerce. When I hear back from Marie Davis I will report again. I wanted to report to you (George Kiser) because you were on the same email where the voicemail was forwarded.”  

Patrick Hunt 

Joint Area Meeting 

  • May 6, 2021
  • If you’re interested in participating as a speaker or any other role let Patrick know ASAP.
  • Centene Speaks will be holding the Joint Area Meeting.

Meeting Roles: 

Toastmaster:Liz DeCamp
Greeter:Bill Collier
Invocator / CLE:George Kiser
Grammarian:Jim Salih -word of the evening: kerfuffle, used 3 times
Time Keeper:Victor Mattison
Vote Counter:Elisa Young
 Ah Counter:  Susan McConnell -43 crutch words
Camera Operator:  George Kiser
Table Topics:Callie Koehr
General Evaluator:  Bill Collier
Joke Master: Kathy Denton
Hot SeatBill Collier

Speakers and Evaluators:

1Debbie Young
Speech Title: I’m Finally Finished
Susan McConnell
2John Cleary
Speech Title: No One Gets Away with Anything
Sean Sheehan 
3Keith Page
Speech Title: Careful and Thoughtful Consideration
Kim Bond


Most Improved:John Cleary
Best Table Topics:Bill Collier
Best Evaluator:Sean Sheehan
Best SpeakerJohn Cleary

Meeting Rating:                      9.8                                                                                           

Meeting Adjourned:            7:57 PM

Attendance: 55% 

@Zoom: Liz DeCamp, Jim Salih, Kim Bond, Elisa Wong, Callie Koehr, Sean Sheehan, Nancy Alba, Kathy Denton, and guest, Nina

@Sunset:  George Kiser, Keith Page, JD Perper, John Cleary, Debbie Young, Bill Collier, Vic Mattison, Susan McConnell, and guest Kay

Submitted by Callie Koehr, Secretary

Attendance Streaks for 2021 (with 3 or more since March 17):

5Kim Bond
5Liz DeCamp
5George Kiser
5Susan McConnell
5Keith Page
5JD Perper
5Jim Salih
5Debbie Young
4Elisa Wong
3Vic Mattison

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