Meeting Minutes – South County Toastmasters – January 27, 2021

Meeting Minutes

South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date:January 27, 2021
Meeting Type/Theme:Indulgences
Meeting Location:Zoom
Called to Order:6:00 PM
Presiding Officer: Kat Higashino

Officers’ Reports:        

President: Kat Higashino 

Kat asked if there were any changes to the minutes and hearing none, the minutes of last week’s meeting were approved as posted.

VPE: Patrick Hunt

Treasurer: Prathyush Viswaroopan

VPM: Kim Bond

VPPR: Sandy Roll

Secretary: Callie Koehr

Sergeant at Arms: Keith Page

Officer at Large: Jerry Paul

Committee Reports:

Sean Sheehan: 

  • “On behalf of the public relation committee, I received an email from the Southwest Area of Commerce to talk about their next “in person networking event.” I would like to give the details for anyone who would like to go to the event. Any of our members are encouraged and welcome to come because of our club membership.” Sean says he will not be able to attend. The Chamber of Commerce will install a new board of directors and they will honor several students of the month with awards. Please let Sean Sheehan know if you’re interested and he will forward the email with the RSVP link. 

The next “in-person networking event” details are listed below:

  • Networking event – luncheon – February 16th. 
  • Event center – Liuna
  • Address – 4532 South Lindbergh 
  • Cost – $20  (out of pocket) 
  • RSVP to The Chamber of Commerce to let them know you’re coming.

Kat Higashino:

  • February 6, 2021 – Area Speech Contest 
  • Jim Salih and George Kiser will be representing South County Toastmasters by competing in the Area 4 Table Topic and Humorous Speech contests.  Patrick asks if someone would like to join, volunteer as a judge, or as another role at the speech contest. Please contact Patrick if you’re interested.

Area 4 Speech contest: 

Saturday, February, 6, 2021

Zoom Opens at 9 am 

Briefings at 9:30 am

Contests at 10 am 

New Business

Committee Meeting – 01-21-21

  • There was a suggestion made that meetings shall be held in the hybrid format through the remainder of the term. (Present – June 30th)
  • There was a discussion regarding the SCTM meeting time. The discussion centered around the meeting times starting at 7PM rather than our current meeting time, 6PM. There were concerns some members couldn’t make the 6PM meeting time. 
  • A decision will be made once we hear from Sunset Hills Community with whether they will extend the business hours.
  • We will lose the use of Jerry Paul’s Zoom OWL on January 27, 2021, so we need to come up with an alternative plan or purchase our own Zoom equipment.
  • Two options discussed by the committee for the hybrid meeting format: one of the options will be of higher quality and the other will be of less quality regarding the detailing in microphone capability. Attached table is the specs comparison of the Owl pro, and camera and microphone separated.  Although both options need the laptop, the club does not have a capable one, Jim mentioned. In this term, Keith and Kat will voluntarily bring their own laptop. 

The club currently has $1964.00 in its treasury.

  • Kat suggested we decide in two to four weeks, if a member has an alternative solution, please reach out to Kat and let her know.  
  • The second option (Camera Microphone) will be a total of $270 if we buy everything, the camera and the microphone are separate. (Two different items)
  • Sandy mentioned the OWL had 8 speakers but the lessen option of the camera has only 4 speakers.
  • Vic Mattison asks, “Do we know what the requirements are for the Owl? Will it run off of the chromebook?” A chromebook is around $200 and he reasons we wouldn’t need anything too much more….Unless someone is going to need it to run a presentation and powerpoint.”
  • Jim Salih says, “I would like to make a motion that we table this for a week so we can do a little bit more research and move on with the meeting. Then, maybe next week we could answer all of these questions more thoroughly. Within a period of a couple weeks we could have an owl available, that’s my motion.”

Next week: Run the meeting with Kat’s ipad and microphone and speakers provided by SSH. 

The big questions are for how long will we remain a hybrid meeting club and if so what can we afford in Zoom equipment to keep high quality meetings.

The motion was tabled until next week so that we can come back with more specific information related to purchase  of Zoom equipment.

Keith suggested to email Kat with any ideas about how to proceed.

Unfinished Business:     



Jim Salih:

Max Kiser is doing well in his rehabilitation home but facing surgery soon and does expect to rejoin the club when he is able. He would like to hear from his toastmaster friends.

Max Kiser’s address and email are below:

Max Kaiser, Jr

313 Augustine Rd

Eureka, MO 63025


Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster:Vic Mattison
Greeter:Kat Higashino
Invocator / CLE:Keith Page
Grammarian:Sean Sheehan   “Abstain”  -Used 11 times 
Time Keeper:Prathyush Viswaroopan
Vote Counter:Katsuko Higashino
Ah Counter:  Jeff Hoehn      -Counted 29 crutch words
Camera Operator:  Elisa Wong
Table Topics:Elisa Wong
General Evaluator: Bill Collier
Joke Master: Jerry Paul

Hot Seat -Jerry Paul

Speakers and Evaluators:

1Callie KoehrSusan McConnell
2JD Perper Debbie Young
3Liz DeCampKeith Page


Most Improved:Callie Koehr
Best Table Topics:George Kiser
Best Evaluator:Debbie Young
Best SpeakerJD Perper

Meeting Rating:                                                                                                               

Meeting Adjourned:                  8:00 PM

Attendance: 67% 

@Zoom: Jim Salih, Kat Higashino, Callie Koehr, Vic Mattison, Susan McConnell, George Kiser, Keith Page, Sean Sheehan, JD Perper, Bill Collier, Jerald Paul, Jeff Hoehn, Nancy Alba, Susan McConnell, Sandy Roll, Elisa Wong, Jerry Paul, Prathyush Viswaroopan, Debbie Young, Liz De Camp, Patrick Hunt  

Guests: Edward Rosenbaum, Camden Koehr, and Allie Duggan

Submitted by Callie Koehr, Secretary

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