Meeting Minutes – South County Toastmasters (#1957) October 28, 2020

Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – October 28, 2020
Meeting Date: October 28, 2020
Meeting Type/Theme: Regular meeting – Theme: The  Cat is Out of the Bag
Meeting Location: Hybrid Meeting – Some attending in person at the Sunset Hills Community Center, Some attending via Zoom
Called to Order: 6:00 PM
Presiding Officer: Jerry Paul
Submitted By: Kathy Denton, Secretary
Officers’ Reports: Officers:
  1. President – Jerry Paul –
  2. VPE – Kat Higashino
    • Kat presented education awards to:
      • Brent Stewart – Level 2 of Effective Coaching
      • Prathyush Viasaroopan (PV) – Level 2 of Effective Coaching
    • Toastmasters International is offering a free Pathways Path (normally $20) to those who renews their membership for the October term by December 31.  See the email from Toastmasters International.  Secretary’s note, also see Tom Terrific’s post on  (click on news and drag below these minutes, or search on Path).
  3. VPM – Brent Stewart
  4. VP-PR – Partick Hunt
  5. Secretary – Kathy Denton
  6. Treasurer – Kim Bond
  7. Sergeant at Arms – Jim Salih
  8. Officer at Large – Susan McConnell
Committee Reports:
  1. Bill Collier reported that the Nominating Committee, made up of Bill Collier, Kathy Denton, and Jim Salih, is seeking nominees for officers for the next term (Jan 1 through July 31).  So far we have nominees for the President, VP of Education, and Sargent at Arms roles.  Bill encourages anyone interested in serving to contact one of the committee members.  Jim Salih pointed out that some roles can be done via zoom, such as the Secretary and Treasurer.
Unfinished Business: none New Business:
  1. Jerry Paul pointed out that the owl can pick up sound for 15 feet, and those in the back of the room should come forward to be heard.
  2. Jerry discussed some issues that have been brought to his attention recently concerning having some roles covered both in the room and in zoom (Timer, Ah Counter, and the Vote Counter):
    1. Vote counting – Bill Collier has done both in room counting and zoom counting by having a device with him in the room to gather zoom votes and it has worked well.  This may work for others as well, although perhaps not everyone has a laptop.
    2. Ah counters – Sandy mentioned there is a link to download a bell sound that can be used in zoom.  She will send the link.  Jim Salih offered to include it with the meeting link.  Eliza has a physical bell she is using for tonight.
    3. Timer – Kat is trying to do this in scheduling but it is difficult with limited members available for so many roles.  Sandy mentioned that in zoom the speaker needs to indicate if they want the timer to audibly say the color, or just hold it up.  Saying it brings the timer to the speaker view so they can be seen.  (Secretary note: If someone is making a video they usually do not want an audible timer color announced). Kathy also mentioned that the timer should indicate the times during their presentation of their duties so anyone volunteering is in sync with the official timing.  And it helps for the timer to know in advance they will be a timer so they can review timing requirements in advance.
    4. No vote was taken on these topics.
Correspondence and Announcements:
  1. The Toastmaster next week will be Brent Stewart.
  2. Jim Bubash reminded us that the Jeffco Challengers club will be holding their comedy night tomorrow night.  Contact Jim to get the link.
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Kim Bond
Table Topics: Jim Salih
General Evaluator: Sandy Roll
Grammarian: Jacqueline Haar
Time Keeper: Callie Koehr (virtual)
Invocator: Jerry Paul
Ah Counter: Eliza Wong – 52 uses of crutch words
Joke Master: Debbie Young
Vote Counter: Bill Collier (in person and virtual)
Camera Operator: Debbie Young
Word of the Day:   Prescient, used 3 times Speakers and Evaluators:
Speakers Evaluators
1 Victor Mattison Kathy Denton
2 Susan McConnell Kat Higashino
3 Keith Page Debbie Young
Best Table Topics: Tim Davis
Best Evaluator: Debbie Young
Best Speaker: Susan McConnell
Most Improved: Keith Page
Meeting Rating:     9.75 Meeting Adjourned:                  7:55 PM Visitors: Nancy Alba (V) Member Attendance (V – Virtual, P – in Person):
Bond, Kim – V
Brandt, Howard – P
Bubash, Jim – P
Collier, Bill – P
Davis, Tim – P
DeCamp, Liz – V
Denton, Kathy – V
Haar, Jackie – V
Higashino, Kat – P
Koehr, Callie – V
Mattison, Vic – V
McConnell, Susan – P
Page, Keith – P
Paul, Jerry – P
Roll, Sandy – V
Salih, Jim – V
Stewart, Brent – P
Viasaroopan, Prathyush (PV) – V
Steve Winheim – P
Terrific, Tom – V
Wong, Elisa – V
Young, Debbie – P
Secretary’s Attendance Information: General Attendance:  This week – 22 of 31 Members – 70.97 %

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