Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – May 20, 2020

Meeting Date:May 20, 2020
Meeting Type/Theme:Regular Meeting – Theme: “New Companions”
Meeting Location:Remote Video Meeting 
Called to Order:7:00 PM
Presiding Officer: JD Perper, President
Submitted By:Victor Mattison, Secretary

Officers’ Reports:  

JD reported that at the district meeting some changes were made to the assignment of clubs within the district (i.e. some are changing “area” assignments to help balance resources. He also shared that the national organization has lost about 10% of its members.  Lots of attention is being dedicated to how to grow.

Kathy shared we achieved our President’s Distinguished award and thanked all members

Kathy shared meetings are posted for June.  Due to lower membership numbers some members are being assigned to multiple roles, this being required to fill all the roles.  When you check the schedules, be sure you’re not there twice.

Committee Reports:

Nominating Committee – Jerry Paul presented the slate of officers for the next term (which starts July 1).

  1. President – Jerry Paul
  2. VPE – Kat Higashino
  3. VPM – Brent Stewart
  4. VP-PR – Partick Hunt
  5. Secretary – Kathy Denton
  6. Treasurer – Kim Bond
  7. Sergeant at Arms – Jim Salih
  8. Officer at Large – Susan McConnell

Unfinished Business:     None

New Business:     

Jim Salih proposed that we reduce the number of speakers to three and reinstate the GE role during the time that we’re meeting remotely.  After being seconded there was discussion. The motion was passed overwhelmingly.

Sean Sheehan proposed a motion to form a PR committee that he would chair.  This is part of an award program he’s working on. After being seconded there was no discussion and the motion was passed overwhelmingly.

Jim Salih will be posting the meeting to YouTube.


Congratulations to Debbie Young for achieving her 4th level in Pathways.   She was recognized for earning the “Triple Crown” at the district meeting.

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster:Kat Hagashino
Table Topics:Patrick Hunt
Grammarian:George Kiser
Time Keeper:Robert Mahacek
Invocator / CLE:Steve Winheim
Joke Master: Debbie Young
Vote Counter:Kim Bond

Word of the Day:  Four or Fore (or any derivation) used 15 times, 8 by Debbie Young

Speakers and Evaluators:

1Alan KirbySandy Roll
2Victor MattisonRobert Van Winkle
3Brent StewartPrathyush Viswaroopan
4Bill CollierDonald Coupe


Best Table Topics:Sean Sheenan
Best Evaluator:Donald Coupe
Best SpeakerBrent Stewart

Meeting Rating: Excellent                                                                                                               

Meeting Adjourned:                  8:35 PM


Elango, a former member who was invited by Jim Salih


Bond, Kim
Bubash, James
Collier, William
Coupe, Donald
Denton, Kathy
Higashino, Katsuko
Hunt, Patrick
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Mahaceh, Bob
Mattison, Victor
Paul, Jerald
Perper, James
Roll, Sandy
Salih, James
Sheehan, Sean
Stewart, Brent
Van Winkle, Robert
Viasaroopan, Prathyush
Winheim, Steven
Young, Debbie

Secretary’s Attendance Information:

General Attendance:

This week:52.5%

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