SCT Meeting Minutes 12-11-19

South County Toast Master Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2019

Call to order: 7:00 pm

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Kathy Denton

Sergeant-At-Arms: Zach Smelcer

Table Topics Master: Debbie Young

Grammarian: Samira Mujdzic – Word of the evening “noisome” was used 4 times

Wizard of Ahs: Matt Clark  – 33 clutch words, phrases and ahs

Timer: JD Perper

Vote Counter: Sandy Roll

Camera Operator: Leah Star

CLE: Victor Mattison

Officers Reports

Officer Training : Victor Mattison reported TLI – Was held last weekend – SCT had 2 attendees. Additional training will be held in January with the next one slated for January 11th by District 8. Check for details.

Change in location for Club meetings: Victor reported the move will occur March 4th. First payment to be made tomorrow. The Club will always be 1 month ahead in payments.

Committee Reports

Holiday Party: Kathy Denton reminded the attendees the party will be held Dec. 18th at J B. Park in the Lemay Pavilion. Party starts at 6:30 – 8:30, then clean up until 9:00 pm. Kathy will not be able to attend the party and requested volunteers to help w/decorations and cleaning up. Anniversary awards will also be distributed.

Nominating Committee: Sean Sheehan read the list of members nominated to be officers next term:

President – JD Perper
VP Education – Kathy Denton
VP Membership – Matt Clark
VP Public Relations – Susan McConnell
Treasurer – Patrick Hunt

Secretary – Victor Mattison
Sgt at Arms – Debbie Young
Officer at Large – Jim Salih  

A motion was made by Brent Stewart to accept the slate of  members to the positions listed approved. Rob Van Winkle seconded the motion. Sandy Roll filling in for the Secretary noted we had a quorum. The Club voted and all nominated members were approved. A motion was also made by Sean Sheehan to disband the Nominating Committee to which Matt Clark seconded and it was approved by Club vote.  Officers will be installed January 8, 2020.

Unfinished Business – None


Bill Collier is collecting toys at the Christmas Party for a Toy Drive. Steve Winheim will accept toys tonight in Bill’s absence.

Speakers & Evaluators

  1. Beth Bridwell evaluated by Brent Stewart
  2. Kat Higashino evaluated by Jim Salih
  3. Abdul Aden evaluated by Donna Jordan
  4. Howard Brandt evaluated by Donald Coupe


Best Table Topics: Rob Van Winkle

Best Speaker AND Most Improved: Abdul Aden

Best Evaluator: Jim Salih

Meeting rating: 9.8

Meeting adjourned 8:59


Abdul Aden, Howard Brandt, Beth Bridwell, Krista Butler, Matt Clark, Donald Coupe, Kathy Denton, Jacqueline Haar, Katsuko Higashino, Patrick Hunt, Donna Jordan, Kim Bond, Victor Mattison, Susan McConnell, Samira Mujdzic, JD Perper, Sandy Roll, Jim Salih, Sean Sheehan, Zach Smelcer, Jeannie Spurgeon, Leah Star, Brent Stewart, Robert Van Winkle, Steve Winheim and Debbie Young.

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