5-29-19 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957)


Meeting Date:   May 29, 2019

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:  Pathways Training

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                                7:01 PM

Presiding Officer:             Debbie Young, President


Officer Reports:               

· President –Debbie Young- No corrections to the meeting minutes from last week.  Approved as submitted.


Committee Reports:

· Brent Stewart – Nominating Committee – Voting for next term’s officers will be conducted during the June 5th meeting. The following members are nominated for next term:



Victor Mattison

VP of Education

Rich Puskarich

VP of Membership

Sarah Xu

VP of PR

Donna Jordan


Michael McCarty


Eli Hoxha

Sergeant at Arms

Zach Smelcer

Officer at Large

Debbie Young


If anyone is still interested in running for office please contact a member of the Nominating Committee.

· Jim Salih – Coaching/Mentoring Committee – Suggested Mentors review the Mentee checklist to determine what stage they are in.


Unfinished Business:     

· None


New Business:

· None



Meeting Roles:


Greeter:  Sean Sheehan

Invocator/CLE:  Brent Stewart



 Meeting Content:  The meeting was devoted to Pathways training. Tom Terrific, Rich Puskarich and Debbie Young put together an action packed interactive training agenda – the members in attendance agreed it was very beneficial! There was discussion of updating the Mentee Checklist to include an item referencing Pathways to ensure the Mentor either assists the Mentee in signing into Pathways or at least puts him/her in contact with another member in the Club who can assist the Mentee. In order to continue to meet Club goals it is important for members to embrace Pathways and request help from fellow members if/when needed.  Tom Terrific has also posted very useful information on the Club Website as well.


— Read “The Navigator” before getting started in Pathways, which can be downloaded and accessed in Pathways and in Base Camp. There are currently 11 paths and 15 speeches must be completed in each path. Members can sign up for more than 1 path and they don’t have to choose the path that is suggested after completing the Pathway’s assessment. — Once a speech is completed the member will assess their skills in Pathways in order to “complete” their project. After completing a Pathways’ speech it is also important to keep a copy of your evaluation. Some options discussed: paper, photo.Google.com, personal computer, smart phone or store on the Pathway’s website. Members will need to request approval from the President, VPE or Secretary in order to move to the next level of their chosen path and copies of evaluations may need to be provided in order to obtain that approval. — Projects within a level can be completed in any order. — There is an evaluation for every type of speech in Pathways. It was suggested that each member print a generic evaluation and keep it on hand in the event they forget to pull the specific evaluation down for their type of speech. Using the evaluation geared towards a particular type of speech is ideal, however.



Members Present:


Aden, Abdul


Brandt, Howard


Bubash, James


Butler, Krista


Collier, Bill


Denton, Kathy


Haar, Jackie


Hartupee, Anne


Hendrickson, Carl


Hoffman, Casey


Hoxha, Eli


Jordan, Donna


King, Geoff


Kirby, Alan


Kiser, George


Mattison, Victor


McCarty, Mike





Mestdagh, Laurie


Mudjzic, Samira


Paul, Jerry


Perper, JD


Pitkin, Sarah


Puskarich, Rich


Roll, Sandy


Salih, Jim


Sheehan, Sean


Shields, Dick


Smelcer, Zach


Spencer, Mary K


Stewart, Brent


Terrific, Tom


VanWinkle, Robert


Winheim, Steve


Xu, Sarah


Young, Debbie





Meeting Adjourned:  8:46            pm


Attendance:  15/ 36 members in attendance.  – 42% attendance  

Visitors:   None


Submitted by Sandy Roll, Secretary

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