Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2018

Meeting Minutes
South County Toastmasters (#1957)


Meeting Date:                   May 9, 2018

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:  By Failing to Prepare You are Preparing to Fail

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                                7:01 PM

Presiding Officer:             Rob Van Winkle, President


Officer Reports:

  • President – Rob Van Winkle – No corrections to the meeting minutes from last week. Approved as submitted


  • Debbie Young, Vice President Education – Competent Communicator Award given to Brent Stewart. This is the 5th or 6th such award he has achieved.  He will switch to Pathways now


  • Jim Bubash, Vice President Public Relations – He put together a manual of duties and responsibilities of this office. It is intended to be passed on from one office holder to the next.  The thought is to have something like this for all officer rolls


Committee Reports:

  • None


Unfinished Business:

  • None


New Business:

  • Sean Sheehan – recognized Sandy Roll’s efforts to repair the club banner


Correspondence and Announcements:

  • Jim Bubash – The club has a tradition to honor past presidents. He will honor Adam Kutell tonight.  Jim presented Adam with a book about setting up an in home work space; a topic that interests Adam


  • Jim Bubash – Dave Domian will not organize the summer club picnic. It is usually held in July.  Will we have a picnic this year and who is interested in organizing it?  The picnic has always been a great time to meet spouses and family members.


  • Rob Van Winkle – The District 8 Conference will be held next Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th.  Rob and Debbie will attend the business meeting to cast the club’s vote.  The conference will be held at the Riverport Holiday Inn, 3400 Rider Trail S, Earth City, Mo. 63045.  Register on the Toastmasters website if you are interested in attending.  There will be an improv speaking workshop if anyone is interested in that training


  • Debbie Young – 6 speakers have signed up for the speech marathon to be held at the May 30th meeting. More speaker slots are available.  Let Debbie know if you are interested in speaking during this meeting


Meeting Roles:


Toastmaster: Debbie Young
Greeter: Mary K. Spencer
Invocator / CLE: Rob Van Winkle
Grammarian: Geoff King – Word of the evening is Plethora.  It was used 13 times tonight
Time Keeper: Brent Stewart
Vote Counter: Sandy Roll
Ah Counter: John Fetter – Crutch words were used 8 times tonight
Camera Operator: Tom Terrific
Table Topics: Adila Zafer – Mary K. Spencer, Tom Terrific, Janet Bold, Jim Salih, Sarah Pitkin, Jerry Paul, Rob Van Winkle, Sean Sheehan, Howard Brandt, Victor Mattison
General Evaluator: George Kiser
Joke Master: Victor Mattison



Speakers and Evaluators:


  Speakers Evaluators
1 Sarah Pitkin Jerry Paul
2 Kate Schafroth Phil Gawlak
3 Bill Hurston Carl Hendrickson
4 Sandy Dickson Adam Kutell







Most Improved: Phil Gawlak
Best Table Topics: Janet Bold
Best Evaluator: Carl Hendrickson
Best Speaker: Bill Hurston


Meeting Rating:                9.9

Schedule for Next Week’s Meeting – Not read.  Please review on line


Meeting Adjourned:      8:55 pm


Members Present:



Bettag, Jack  
Bold, Janet  
Boyland, Tom  
Brandt, Howard  
Broida, Jean  
Bubash, James  
Collier, Bill  
Denton, Kathy  
Dickson, Sandy  
Duncan, Stacy  
Fetter, John  
Gawlak, Phil  
Hartupee, Anne  
Hendrickson, Carl  
Hurston, Bill  
Kaiser Jr, Max  
King, Geoff  
Kirby, Alan  
Kiser, George  
Kutell, Adam  
Mattison, Victor  
McConnell, Susan  
Mestdagh, Laurie  
Paul, Jerry  
Pitkin, Sarah  
Puskarich, Rich  
Roll, Sandy  
Salih, Jim  
Schafroth, Kate  
Sheehan, Sean  
Shields, Dick  
Sowers, Judy  
Spencer, Mary K  
Stewart, Brent  
Terrific, Tom  
VanWinkle, Robert  
Winheim, Steve  
Young, Debbie  
Zafer, Adila  



Attendance:  26 / 39 members present – 66.67 % attendance
Visitors:   Carol McKown
Submitted by Sean Sheehan, Secretary

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