Meeting Minutes – March 7, 2018

Meeting Minutes
South County Toastmasters (#1957)


Meeting Date:                   March 7, 2018

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:    New Beginnings

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                                7:00 PM

Presiding Officer:             Rob Van Winkle, President


Officer Reports:

  • President – Rob Van Winkle – No corrections to the meeting minutes from the weeks of February 21st and February 28th.  Approved as submitted


  • President – Rob Van Winkle – Executive Committee meeting was held tonight – The club has met 7 of the district goals and we are on track to meet all 10 goals to receive a Distinguished Club Award; The club recently conducted 2 Youth Leadership Programs – 1 a few months ago and the current one started yesterday; the club has many events going on right now; The Speechcrafters program will conclude next week – graduation is at our regular meeting. The program has been a success


Committee Reports:

  • None


Unfinished Business:

  • Rich Puskarich– Annual dues renewal payments are due by 3/28. He will not be at the next 2 meetings, but we can mail payments to his home.  He’ll remind us of his address and will attend the meeting on 3/28


  • Geoff King – The Area IV International Speech and Evaluation Contest is coming up. The winners of our club’s contest in each category are eligible to compete in this next level.  This contest will take place on Saturday, March 31, 2018 starting at 12:30 pm.  The contest will be held at the Grant’s View Branch of St. Louis County Library located at 9700 Musick Road, St. Louis, Mo. 63123.  Doors open at 12:00 pm, Briefings take place at 12:15 pm.  The contest should last about 2 hours.  Geoff is the event chairperson and asks for volunteers for any of the support roles.  Contact Geoff for more info or to help at the event


  • Mary K. Spencer – 7 students attended yesterday’s Youth Leadership Program meeting


New Business:


  • Geoff King – We have received a membership application from Anne Hartupee. The treasurer has received membership fees.  Her goal for joining the club is to complete a practicum to earn a teaching certificate – Jim Salih moved she be admitted and Mary K. Spencer seconded.  Her application was unanimously approved.  Her mentor will be Kate Schafroth


Correspondence and Announcements:

  • Jim Salih – The Speechcrafters Program graduation will be at next week’s meeting. The schedule of jobs is published.  The committee is looking for one more speaker for that night to give a speech geared to Speechcrafters themselves; a motivational speech.


  • Jim Salih – He corresponded recently with the mother of a Youth Leadership Program Graduate from last year. She gave a report about a speech the graduate recently gave successfully.  Much of his confidence and know how came from the Youth Leadership Program he attended


  • Mary K. Spencer – A last year graduate gave a speech to the new class yesterday


  • Debbie Young – Gave milestone awards to several members – Rob Van Winkle, Competent Leader Award; Sarah Pitkin, Competent Communicator Award, Geoff King, Competent Leader award; and James Graves, Competent Communicator award


  • Debbie Young – Are there any Toastmasters that are willing to register to be a speaker when called to fill the role at the last moment? Have a speech in the pocket and ready any time?  Perhaps someone who is close to receiving an award and would like an opportunity to give another speech.  And even if someone goes on the list at one point, he or she can come off the list whenever desired.  This list will help alleviate problems with last minute speaker cancellations.  Thank you for your help in this regard


  • Susan Carillo announced tonight will be her last meeting. She will take a new job and relocate away from the St. Louis area.  We all share the same sentiment and wish Susan the best in her future



Meeting Roles:


Toastmaster: Susan Carillo
Greeter: Phil Gawlak
Invocator / CLE: Jack Bettag / Debbie Young
Grammarian: Mary K. Spencer – word of evening is woolgathering – used 7 times
Time Keeper: Adila Zafer
Vote Counter: Jim Salih
Ah Counter: Tom Terrific – 20 uses of crutch words
Camera Operator: Rich Puskarich
Table Topics: Kate Schafroth – Janet Bold, Sarah Pitkin, John Fetter, Anne Hartupee, Mary K. Spencer, Geoff King, Steve Winheim, Rob Van Winkle
General Evaluator: Stacie Duncan
Joke Master: Dave Domian



Speakers and Evaluators:


  Speakers Evaluators
1 Susan McConnell Mark Esswein
2 Victor Mattison Kathy Denton
3 Jim Bubash Gary Brown
4 James Graves Sean Sheehan







Most Improved: James Graves
Best Table Topics: Mary K. Spencer
Best Evaluator: Sean Sheehan
Best Speaker: Victor Mattison


Meeting Rating:                9.5

Schedule for Next Week’s Meeting – Not read


Meeting Adjourned:      9:07 pm


Members Present:



Bettag, Jack  
Bold, Janet  
Brandt, Howard  
Broida, Jean  
Brown, Gary  
Bubash, James  
Carrillo, Susan  
Collier, Bill  
Denton, Kathy  
Domian, Dave  
Duncan, Stacy  
Esswein, Mark  
Fetter, John  
Gawlak, Phil  
Graves, James  
Haparimwi, Nancy  
Hartupee, Anne  
Hendrickson, Carl  
Kaiser Jr, Max  
King, Geoff  
Kirby, Alan  
Kiser, George  
Kutell, Adam  
Mattison, Victor  
McConnell, Susan  
Mestdagh, Laurie  
Paul, Jerry  
Pitkin, Sarah  
Puskarich, Rich  
Roll, Sandy  
Salih, Jim  
Schafroth, Kate  
Sheehan, Sean  
Shields, Dick  
Sowers, Judy  
Spencer, Mary K  
Stewart, Brent  
Terrific, Tom  
VanWinkle, Robert  
Winheim, Steve  
Young, Debbie  
Zafer, Adila  



Attendance:  28 / 42 members present – 66.67 % attendance
Visitors:   Anne Hartupee
Submitted by Sean Sheehan, Secretary

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