Meeting Minutes – January 3, 2018

Meeting Minutes

South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date: January 3, 2018
Meeting Type/Theme: Regular Meeting – Theme: No Theme
Meeting Location: Metropolitan Life Building
Called to Order: 7:00 PM
Presiding Officer: Kathy Denton and Rob vanWinkle, outgoing President and incoming President
Officers’ Reports: Kathy Denton – New officers will be installed today
Committee Reports:
 None
Unfinished Business:
 None
New Business:
 Induction of new officers by Parshu Anantharan – Division A Director of District 8:
o Officer at Large – Kathy Denton
o Sargeant at Arms – Susan McConnell
o Treasurer – Rich Puskarich
o Secretary – Sean Sheehan
o Vice-President Public Relations – Jim Bubash (not present)
o Vice-President Membership – Geoff King
o Vice-President Education – Debbie Young
o President – Rob vanWinkle
 Kathy Denton – We voted last meeting to hold a contest the 5 th Wednesday of January. We will
also have a visitor that evening to discuss Toastmaster’s new Pathways education program.
Kathy moved to hold the contest during ½ of the meeting and the Pathways presentation the
other ½. Howard Brandt seconded the motion. There was discussion about the possible length
the Pathways presentation and follow up question and answer could take. Kathy withdrew her
 Tom Terrific – Moved to dispense with the contest that was previously approved and have the
entire meeting for the Pathways presentation. Jack Bettag and Susan McConnell seconded.
There was discussion about this motion. Parshu Anantharan told about a Pathways meeting he
attended recently. Guest Jean Roida mentioned contests are important and time for them
shouldn’t be cut short. Rob vanWinkle supported the motion. Bill Collier suggested if the
Pathways presentation finishes early, we could adjourn the meeting early or have extended
table topics. The motion carried by a unanimous voice vote. The entire meeting on January 31 st
will be about the Pathways program. Kate Schafroth suggested we have a speaker talk about
the 2 year grace period Toastmaster will allow to complete the current communicator and
leadership programs it offers.
 Kathy Denton – Washington University has asked her to be on a curriculum committee to
develop its master’s degree in cyber security program
Meeting Roles:

Page | 2
Toastmaster: Rich Puscharich
Greeter: None
Invocator / CLE: Max Kaiser
Grammarian: Steve Winheim – Word is astronomical – used 7 times
Time Keeper: Kathy Denton
Vote Counter: Nancy Haparimwi
Ah Counter: Sarah Pitkin – 37 crutch words were used
Camera Operator: Gary Brown
Table Topics: Jack Bettag – Theme is “In General, the Past”
General Evaluator: Susan McConnell
Joke Master: Bill Collier

Speakers and Evaluators:

Speakers Evaluators
1 Tom Terrific Susan Carillo
2 Howard Brandt Phil Gawlik
3 Geoff King Kate Schafroth
4 — — – — — –
Most Improved: Nancy Haparimwi
Best Table Topics: Jean Roida
Best Evaluator: Kate Schafroth
Best Speaker: Howard Brandt
Meeting Rating: 9.8
Schedule for Next Week’s Meeting – Debbie Young read the assigned roles
Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 PM
Members Present:
Bettag, Jack ☒
Bone, Dean ☐
Brandt, Howard ☒
Brown, Gary ☒
Bubash, James ☐
Carrillo, Susan ☒
Clark, Eric ☐
Coco, Nicholas ☐
Collier, Bill ☒

Cripps, Grace ☐
Denton, Kathy ☒
Domian, Dave ☐
Duncan, Stacy ☐
Esswein, Mark ☐
Foster, Ginny ☐
Gawlak, Phil ☒
Graves, James ☐
Haparimwi, Nancy ☒

Hatten, Kyle ☐
Hendrickson, Carl ☐
Jennings, Sera ☐
Kaiser Jr, Max ☒
King, Geoff ☒
Kirby, Alan ☐
Kiser, George ☐
Kutell, Adam ☐

Page | 3
Mattison, Victor
McConnell, Susan ☒
Mestdagh, Laurie ☐
Palusci, Joumana ☐
Paul, Jerry ☐
Pitkin, Sarah ☒
Puskarich, Rich ☒
Salih, Jim ☐
Schafroth, Kate ☒
Sheehan, Sean ☒
Schaper, Jim ☐
Shields, Dick ☐
Sowers, Judy ☐
Spencer, Mary K ☐
Stewart, Brent ☐
Sullivan, Tim ☐
Terrific, Tom ☒
VanWinkle, Robert ☒
Willard, Gina ☐
Winheim, Steve ☒
Young, Debbie ☒
Attendance: 19 /37 members present – 51.35 % attendance
 Adala Zafer, Jean Roida (belongs to a TM club in Boca Raton, FL)
Submitted by Sean Sheehan, Secretary

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