SCTM Nov. 18th Minutes

Meeting Minutes for Nov. 18th, 2015

Call to Order 7pm

Met Life Building

Dave Domian:  Presiding Officer

Minutes from previous meeting emailed out and accepted

Officers reports:  None

Committee reports:  James Bubash reported on selection of new slate of officers.  New slate as follows:

President:  Susan McConnell

Vice President of Education:  Adam Jacks0n

Secretary:  Rob Osborn

Treasurer: Jen Wilbers

VP of Membership:  Dean Bone

VP of Public Relations:  Jerry Paul

Sergeant of Arms:  OPEN

Officer at Large:  James Bubash

James Bubash asked for any other nominations from the floor.  None made.

The club will vote on the slate of Officers at Dec. 2nd meeting

The Officers will assume roles the first meeting in January 2016

Howard Brandt reported on trying to obtain the Fox Chase meeting space  in Arnold, Missouri   He would not know if the space is available until later in the week.

Erin Gissel reported Dulaney’s Bar on Tesson Ferry can provide a meeting room for SCTM on  Dec. 16th.  The cost of the room is free.  Beverages and food should be purchased from the business.  Desserts are ok to bring in.

Dave Domian took a show of hand unofficial vote on who would be willing to change venues.

Jerry Paul made a motion to hold the Christmas party at Dulaney’s.  Erin Gissel seconded the motion.  Dave Domian ask for members in favor.  Motion passed.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Adam Kutell reported SCTM received a “Goal Getter’ award at the District Conference

Correspondence and Announcements:  Vamsi Jammalamadaka is leaving on an unplanned trip out of the country.

Vamsi Jammalamadaka won the District 8 Humorous speaking contest

Business meeting concluded at 728pm

Toastmaster:   Steve Winheim

Theme:  Communications

Invocator:  Jerry Paul

Grammarian: Bill Collier (Word:  Manifesto)

Ah Counter:  George Kiser

Timer:  Jack Bettag

Vote Counter: Erin Gissel

Camera:  Steve Bettag

Table Topics:  Susan McConnell

Greeter:  Jen Wilbers

Speech #1:  Lafe Goodfellow evaluated by Dick Shields

Speech #2:  Julie Stricklin evaluated by Judy Sowers

Speech #3:  Susan Carrillo evaluated by Matt Ramshaw

Speech#4:  Caleb Harley evaluated by Adam Kutell

General Evaluator:  Jim Ruzicka

Meeting rating:  9

Jokemaster:  Howard Brandt

Best Table Topic:  Jim Ruzicka

Best Evaluator:  Adam Kutell

Most Improved:  Caleb Harley

Best Speaker:  Lafe Goodfellow

Guests:  Jamie Johnston, Anne Coleman, Kate Peach, Bobbi Hudson and Rich Passcarich


Dave Domian

James Bubash

Steve Winheim

Jim Ruzicka

Susan McConnell

George Kiser

Bill Collier

Caleb Harley

Jason Murphy

Howard Brandt

Susan Carrillo

Dick Shields

Adam Jackson

Matt Ramshaw

Ely Macaraeg

Tom Terrific

Lafe Goodfellow

Julie Stricklin

Jack Bettag

Steve Bettag

Adam Kutell

Erin Gissel

Vamsi Jammalamadaka

Jim Salih

Meeting minutes submitted by Jerry Paul









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