SCTM Minutes Nov. 11th, 2015

Meeting Minutes for Nov. 11th, 2015

Call to Order 7pm

Met Life Building

Presiding Officer:  Dave Domian

Invocator/CLE:  Tom Terrific

Greeter:  Jack Bettag

Business Meeting:  701pm

Minutes from previous meeting accepted as emailed on Word Press

Officers Report:  None

Committee Reports:  None

Old  Business:  Adam Kutell gave update on status of Christmas party stating he is trying to obtain a banquet room at Llywelyn’s Pub.   Steve Bettag’s wife manages one location of this business and is helping to obtain the room.  Tentative dates are Dec. 9th and 16th.

Carol Lindwedel placed bookmarks from the 40th anniversary party on the back table for anybody that wants one.

New Business: Tom Terrific announced Ely Macaraeg and Gary Brown have submitted application for membership.  Dave Domian read the new member script.  Tom Terrific made a motion to accept Gary Brown and Rob VanWinkle seconded.

Tom Terrific made a motion to accept Ely Macaraeg and Jim Salih seconded.  All club members in agreement on both.  Dave Domian completed induction script and ceremony.  Caleb Harley is mentor for Ely and Tom Terrific is mentor for Gary.

Carl Hendrickson brought up an article posted in the South County Times announcing the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency  (NGE) is looking at four possible sites in the St. Louis area to build new facility.  Carl pointed out one of the four sites is the Met Life Building.  Rob VanWinkle added the decision will be made in six months and actual building will not start until 2021.

Tom Terrific made a motion to stay with the traditional schedule to not have SCTM meetings on the Wednesday before Christmas  Adam Kutell seconded and the entire club was in agreement.  Tom Terrific made a motion to stay with the traditional schedule to not have a SCTM on the Wednesday before New Year.  Rob Van Winkle seconded and the entire club was in agreement.  This would be Dec. 23rd and Dec. 30th.

Correspondence and Announcements:  The District Fall conference is this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  James Bubash is competing in the talent contest Friday night and Vamsi Jammalamadaka is competing Saturday night.

Adam Kutell recommened sending a proxy on behalf of the club since Dave Domian and Vamsi Jammalamadka will not be at the “Deck” meeting to vote on District Business.  Adam Kutell explained the tickets purchased by SCTM and how they work at the District event. Rob VanWinkle discussed what a “Deck” meeting is.

Business Meeting conclude at 717pm.

Toastmaster:  Carl Hendrickson

Theme:  Veterans Day

Timer:  Jen Wilbers

Grammarian:  Carol Lindwedel “Serendipity” word of evening

Vote Counter:  James Bubash

Camera Operator:  Caleb Harley

Greeter:  Jack Bettag

Table Topics:  Tim Budd

Speaker #1 Joanna Castle evaluated by Jim Salih

Speaker #2 George Kiser evaluated by Alan Kirby

Speaker #3 Brent Stewart evaluated by Dave Domian

Speaker #4 Jerry Paul evaluated by Rob Van Winkle

Best Table Topics:  Rob Van Winkle

Best Evaluator:  Jim Salih

Most Improved:  Jason Murphey

Best Speaker:  Jerry Paul

Guests:  Rich Ulrich

Members Present:

Carl Hendrickson

Jason Murphey

Caleb Harley

Carol Lindwedel

Dean Bone

Tim Budd

James Bubash

Rob Van Winkle

Dave Domian

Leaf Goodfellow

Joanna Castle

Adam Kutell

Jerry Paul

Tom Terrific

Jim Salih

Brent Stewart

Jen Wilbers

Brian Ettling

Alan Kirby

Adam Jackson

Kyle Luwenski

George Kiser

Minutes submitted by Jerry Paul

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