December 2009 Schedule

Toastmaster Denton, Kathy
Table Topics King, Mary Ann
Speaker 1 Reichardt, Kevin
Speaker 2 Scott, Nilsa
Speaker 3 Shields, Dick
Speaker 4 Sowers, Judy
Evaluator 1 Beck, Karl
Evaluator 2 Bettag, Jack
Evaluator 3 Brandt, Howard
Evaluator 4 Clair, Don
General Evaluator Willard, Gina
Grammarian Hiers, Richard
Camera Wilson, Kevin
Invocator Mafort, Amby
Timekeeper Archambault, Joe
Vote Counter Welshon, David
“Ah” Counter Collier, Bill
Jokemaster Salid, Jim
Hot Seat Winheim, Steve
Greeter Hendrickson, Carl
Toastmaster Kirby, Alan
Invocator Hiers, Richard
Speaker 1 Hamm, Steven
Speaker 2 Stewart, Brent
Speaker 3 Terrific, Tom
Speaker 4 Van Winkle, Rob
Speaker 5 Welshon, David
Speaker 6 Zemann, Laura
Speaker 7
Speaker 8
Speaker 9
Speaker 10
Evaluator 1 Collier, Bill
Evaluator 2 Denton, Kathy
Evaluator 3 Dickemper, Sue
Evaluator 4 Embree, Carol
Evaluator 5 Fawcett, Diane
Evaluator 6 Ferguson, Paul
Evaluator 7
Evaluator 8
Evaluator 9
Evaluator 10
Timekeeper Shields, Dick
Camera Hendrickson, Carl
Vote Counter Archambault, Joe
Jokemaster Monti, Petrrina
Greeter Gissel, Erin







December 16– Christmas Party

December 23 – No Meeting

Dec. 30 – No Meeting

Toastmaster contacts:  Speakers, Invocator, Topic Master, Joke Master, Hot Seat, Greeter and GE. General Evaluator contacts:  Evaluators, Grammarian, Timer, Vote Counter, Ah Counter and Camera Operator.If you cannot fulfill an assignment, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.

December 30 – No Meeting

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