GE Meeting Rating Criteria

Thanks to Sarah Pitkin for creating this suggested scale. Criteria Description Rating scale Rating Meeting Preparedness Were scheduling conflicts resolved in a timely manner? 0 – 0.5 Was there a theme for the meeting and was it communicated to the club effectively? 0 - 0.25 Overall Meeting Did the meeting start on time? (7 pm) … Continue reading GE Meeting Rating Criteria

A Guide to Keeping Meetings On Time

Keeping meetings on time is just as important as any other part of our Toastmaster meetings. Not only will it get people out of the meeting at the expected time, but it will also give those who have meeting roles and officer positions a chance to practice time management, meet the expectations of our guests … Continue reading A Guide to Keeping Meetings On Time

Timer Duties

They should have copies of the above form in the white plastic case.You can also print the Time Keepers Sheet from the SCTMdocs Drive. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Timer Tips One of the main things is to make sure that Tabletopics doesn't last too long. They should be done by 6:40 p.m. or twenty minutes at the max.I … Continue reading Timer Duties

General Evaluator Duties

The General Evaluator provides an analysis of the quality of the meeting by reporting on all aspects of the meeting, except the scheduled speeches (which have received individual evaluations). The purpose of the General Evaluator’s presentation is to encourage the club to achieve high standards in our meetings.  Before the Meeting Contact the Evaluators, the … Continue reading General Evaluator Duties

Grammarian – Adam’s Axe

8/17/2011---------- Adam Kutell For this first article, I would like to bring up a topic that I touched on the last time I was General Evaluator.  The Grammarian is the role we trust to assist us with our language arts during a meeting and hopefully with information we can take away afterwards.  Although Toastmasters International … Continue reading Grammarian – Adam’s Axe

Ah Counter Duties

The Ah Counter rings the bell and keeps a tally of the number of times club members use crutch or filler words such as “Ah,” “Uh,” “You know” and “Okay.”  Other crutch or filler words may include inappropriate interjections such as “And,” “Well,” “But,” or “So.”  Throughout the entire meeting, listen to everyone for crutch … Continue reading Ah Counter Duties

When You’re the Toastmaster

Before the Meeting The Toastmaster job is usually reserved for members who have done all the other meeting roles. The VP of Education should only assign members who are qualified and ready for this position. As soon as you find out that you are assigned the job of Toastmaster, put it in your calendar so … Continue reading When You’re the Toastmaster