Meeting Minutes – South County Toastmasters – April 15, 2020

Meeting Minutes Submitted by Kathy Denton

Rob started the meeting and because he was concerned about running out of time (we were using the free version of Zoom), he decided to skip the business meeting and do the speeches first.  We did get our time extended.  It appears a person who is new to zoom gets 3 free extensions.

From Turbobase:
Meeting Date and Time   15 April 2020, 7:00pm
Meeting Title / Theme   Spring showers bring May flowers
Pre Meeting Notes       Gardening, favorite flowers, spring things.

Meeting Minutes and Notes
Toastmaster     VanWinkle, Robert
Table Topics Master     Bond, Kim
Grammarian      Winheim, Steve
Timer   Denton, Kathy
Speaker 1       Kirby, Alan
Speaker 2       Terrific, Tom
Speaker 3       Paul, Jerry
Speaker 4       Salih, Jim
Evaluator 1     Hunt, Patrick
Evaluator 2     McConnell, Susan
Evaluator 3     Young, Debbie
Evaluator 4     Roll, Sandy
Invocator/CLE   Viswaroopan, Prathyush
Joke Master     Hunt, Patrick
Hot Seat        Mattison, Victor
Attendees (I took pictures of the zoom list):
Donald Coupe
Donna Jordan
Jerry Paul
Jim Salih
Kim Bond
Susan McConnell
Patrick Hunt
Robert Mahacek
Sandy Roll
Steve Winheim
Tom Krauska/Terrific
Kathy Denton
Rob Van Winkle
Jim Salih
Alan Kirby
Brent Stewart
Debbie Young
Jerry Paul

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