GE Meeting Rating Criteria

Thanks to Sarah Pitkin for creating this suggested scale.

Criteria Description Rating scale Rating
Meeting Preparedness Were scheduling conflicts resolved in a timely manner? 0 – 0.5
Was there a theme for the meeting and was it communicated to the club effectively? 0 – 0.25
Overall Meeting Did the meeting start on time? (7 pm) 0 – 1
Did we stay on schedule? 0 – 1
Was the business meeting effective? Did we accomplish what we needed? 0 – 1
Did the toastmaster fully coordinate all speeches and do a good job introducing speakers? 0 – 1
Meeting Roles Were meeting roles fully prepared for (if applicable)? 0 – .25
Did the grammarian provide a challenging or infrequently used word and actively take count of uses? 0 – 1
Did the ah counter both ring the bell and take accurate count of crutch words use? 0 – 1
Did the table topics master prepare questions in advance and make an effort to call on members without roles or with non-speaking roles? 0 – 1
Evaluations Did each evaluator provide specific suggestions for future improvement? 0 – 1
Did each evaluator provide both positive points and constructive criticism? 0 – 1
Total Meeting Rating:


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