Induction of New Members

Script for Inducting New Members


  1. Inductions are handled under the New Business section of the Business Meeting.
  2. Make sure the Inductee has read and completed the Toastmasters Membership Application, including the Toastmasters Promise.
  3. Make sure the dues are paid.
  4. Make sure the Inductee has completed the Applicant Data Sheet.
  5. Participating Officers: President, VP Membership, VP Education, Treasurer and Sgt.-at-Arms.

VP Membership:  Mr. President, we have an application/s for membership from _____________  and _______________.

President: _______________ and ______________ (applicant/s), would you please rise?

President: __________________and _______________  (applicant/s), are you aware of how the Toastmasters program works and the benefits you will receive, as well as the duties and responsibilities of being a South County Toastmaster, and do you agree to abide by these duties and responsibilities?  (If yes, continue. If no, follow instructions below*.)

President:  Has the Treasurer received funds for dues from the applicant/s?

Treasurer:  Yes, I have.

President:  Would the Sergeant-at-Arms please escort the applicant/s and all other non-Toastmasters out of the room while we discuss this application?

[A]  Read this section for each new member

President:  Would the VP Membership read the applicant’s data form for ______________?

VP Membership:  (reads information from the applicant’s data form)

I move that we accept ______________________ (applicant) for membership in South County Toastmasters.

Second by another South County Toastmaster

President:  Is there any discussion?

President:  All those in favor of accepting _________________ (applicant) as a new member of South County Toastmasters, signify by saying “Aye.”

President:  All those opposed, signify by saying “No.”

President:  The “ayes” have it.

If more than one new member then repeat starting at [A]

President:  Would the Sergeant-at-Arms ask ________________ (applicant/s) and non-Toastmasters to return to the meeting?


VP Membership or President:  I will now call our new member/s forward and join me at the lectern.

Fellow Toastmasters, it is now our duty and privilege to induct

________________  and ______________  into South County Toastmasters. This is an important occasion, both for this/these new member/s and for our Club.

This individual has (or) These individuals have come to Toastmasters seeking to improve   his/her /their    communication skills, and we now have an opportunity to help   him/her /them   learn, grow, and achieve. You are joining a worldwide organization that has helped nearly three million people learn to communicate more effectively. As a member of South County Toastmasters, you will benefit from a proven program of self-development. You will become part of an outstanding group of people who are dedicated to helping one another in a spirit of sharing.

PresidentWho has been assigned as a Mentor for this/these   new member/s?

VP Membership:  ____________ has been assigned mentor for _____________


___________ has been assigned mentor for ______________.

President or VP Membership:  Would ____________ and _____________ please step forward?  As an experienced Toastmaster, you have been asked to help this/these   new member/s   get off to a good start. Do you accept this responsibility and pledge to share your knowledge and experience with our new member so that   he/she/they   can immediately begin to benefit from   his/her/their   Toastmasters membership?

Mentor(affirmative response)

 President:  I present you with a copy of the Clubs rules, bylaws along with a Competent Communicators manual.  We ask that you return to the club the Competent Communicator manual you will be receiving from Toastmasters International.

President or VP Membership:  Congratulations. (Applause)

*If applicant answers “no” to any of the questions, the process should be delayed until they can answer “yes” to all questions. It may be necessary to postpone acceptance of the new member until a later meeting.

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