Camera Basics

Here are the basic steps when you are assigned as camera operator.

I would ask the speakers ahead of time if they want to be recorded and also find out which order they are speaking in. Make sure their SD cards are marked with their names.  Also find out where the speaker is going to be standing and if they are going to be moving around. If they will be standing behind the lectern, your job is easy. If they will be moving around, you will have to pay attention and move the camera to follow them.

1. Setup the camera close to the lectern so that you get good audio – usually behind the projector.

2. Attach the camera to the tripod.

3. Plug in the power cord to the electrical cord by the projector.


4. Plug the other end of the power cord into the camera.
Note – while the camera does have a battery – don’t rely on it. It hasn’t been charging in for a week.


5. Slide down the button to open the lens.


6. Pull open the screen.


7. Open the SD card slot door and insert the SC card. The card only goes in one way so don’t try to force it.


8. Click on the Power button.


9. Press the red button on the side to start recording. To stop recording press the button again.


10. The screen should look like this with the red circle at the top indicating that you are recording.

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