Meeting Minutes – March 27, 2013

Meeting Date and Time 27 March 2013, 7:00pm
Meeting Title / Theme:  The Cardinals
Meeting Called to Order:  702P
Word of the Evening:  Spice
Guests:   None

Start of Business Meeting: 703PM
Minutes of the last meeting:  Approved with no changes
Officer Reports: Treasurer, Mrs. Kelly Bottini reminded the members that the club dues for the next 6 month term are due on April 1st. Any member that does not submit his/her dues by then will not be eligible to be scheduled for any meeting roles.
Committee Reports: None
Old Business: The Area level competition for the International Speech and Evaluation contest will be held on April 6th starting 9:30 AM at the Cliff Cave branch of the St. Louis County Library. All members are encouraged to attend the event in support of our club contestants – Shreya Gopal (Speech) and David Wilkins (Evaluation).
New Business: None

Correspondence and Announcements:
Item 1:  Entry to MetLife Facility
•       Jerry Paul brought to notice that all members are required to enter the Metlife building through the main doors, sign in and head directly to the Toastmaster’s meeting room. When leaving for the night, make sure to sign out at the front desk. Also, all members are requested to use the restrooms on the lower floor (by the cafeteria) unless told otherwise.
Item 2:  Favorite Band
•       Steve Bettag, the Toastmaster for the evening declared that ‘The Spice Girls’ are his favorite band of all time.
Business Meeting End: 715PM

Roles of the Evening:
Toastmaster: Steve Bettag
Table Topics Master: Erin Gissel
General Evaluator: Judy Sowers
Grammarian: Adam Kutell Report:  Very good use of the word.  However, the members could have used additional variations of the word.
Timer:  Susan Carillo
Camera:   Jerry Paul
Invocator/Pledge of Allegiance: Kelly Bottini
Vote Counter:   Sudi Gopinath
“AH” Counter: Jim Ruzicka       Report: Members need to pay attention to crutch words during the business portion of the meeting.  Most of the crutch word usage for the night occurred during that portion of the meeting.
Joke Master: David Domian
Hot Seat: Bill Collier
Greeter: Richard Hiers

Table Topics Start: 715PM
Contestants: Richard Heiers, David Wilkins, Kathy Denton, Sudi Gopinath, Kelly Bottini, David Domian, Petrina Monti, Jim Ruzicka, Jerry Paul
Table Topics End: 733PM

Speaking/Evaluation Portion Start: 743PM
Speaker 1: Matt Ramshaw         Evaluator 1: Sean Page
Speaker 2:  Howard Brandt               Evaluator 2: Bill Collier
Speaker 3:  Gina Willard                        Evaluator 3: Carrie Driscoll
Speaking/Evaluation Portion End: 814PM

Best Speaker: Matt Ramshaw
Best Evaluator: Bill Collier
Best Table Topic Speaker: Sudi Gopinath
Most Improved: Sean Page
Meeting Rating:   out of 10

Closing Comments:
•       Kelly Bottini informed the members that she was in possession of a $25.00 gift card that was given to the club at the TLI conference. Use of the gift card was to be determined at a later date.
•       Howard Brandt reminded the members that if you have a role at the meeting, and you can’t make it to the meeting, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you find a replacement to take your place.
•       Dave Domian had a suggestion to the members about addressing club emails only to the people who need to be notified instead of emailing the entire club roster.
•       If you are a Toastmaster or General Evaluator looking to confirm roles, Turbobase has an option to email just the members with an active role at the meeting,
•       If you are confirming a meeting role, email only the Toastmaster and the General Evaluator for the night.
Meeting Concluded: 848PM

In attendance:
Steve Bettag, Kelly Bottini, Susan Carillo, Carrie Driscoll, Erin Gissel, Richard Hiers, Max Kaiser, Jr., Kathy Denton, Judy Sowers, Adam Kutell, Petrini Monti, Sean Page, Jerry Paul, Matt Ramshaw, Gina Willard, Howard Brandt, Sudi Gopinath, Patrick Hunter, and Jim Ruzicka

In attendance:   19 members (inducted tonight), 0 guests

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