General Evaluator Duties

The General Evaluator provides an analysis of the quality of the meeting by reporting on all aspects of the meeting, except the scheduled speeches (which have received individual evaluations). The purpose of the General Evaluator’s presentation is to encourage the club to achieve high standards in our meetings.

 Before the Meeting

  • Contact the Evaluators, the Competent Leader Evaluator, the Grammarian, Greeter, Time Keeper, Vote Counter, Ah Counter  and Camera Operator. If the Toastmaster has done this, confirm that with him/her.
  • Contact the Toastmaster and confirm the number of speakers and review any special needs for the meeting.
  • Print out a Meeting Agenda Form so that you can know what to do when it is your time to take control of the meeting. The Toastmaster usually does this, but it is also your responsibility so have your own ready.

When You Arrive

  • First arrive early so that you can confirm that your team has arrived.
  • Fill any unanticipated vacancies with members who have no meeting role.
  • Assign an Evaluator to each Speaker and let both evaluators and speakers who will be working together.
  • Give the names of each Evaluator to the Toastmaster of the Evening who will call on the Evaluators to read the Speaker’s objectives prior to each speech.
  • Fill out the Meeting Agenda Form with any substitutions.

 At the Meeting
Use the Meeting Agenda Form as a guide. Call on each Evaluator to present an analysis of the assigned Speaker’s presentation. After the individual presentations by the Evaluators, call for reports from the Time Keeper, the Grammarian and Ah Counter. Finally, present your evaluation of the meeting.

Notes for the General Evaluator

As General Evaluator for the Evening, you play a major role in making sure that our club members meet our high club standards. Download a Meeting Agenda Format form to help you perform your job. In the notes below, some of the major tasks and smaller details that tend to escape us are noted.


Remember that as General Evaluator, your primary job is to evaluate and critique how well the club conducts itself. You have a time limit of three minutes so edit what you have to say to the important points.

Some specific questions to think about are:

  • How seamlessly did the meeting flow?
  • Are we on time? Was the business meeting too long?  Table Topics too long?  Speeches too long?
  • Did the Topicmaster call on members who had non-speaking roles?
  • Was the business meeting well-run and to the point?
  • How well did the different Toastmasters perform their jobs?  Specifically, critique the Evaluators on their techniques. You don’t want to re-give their evaluation.
  • Were the guests addressed during the job descriptions, speeches and evaluations?
  • How well did the Toastmaster accommodate non-standard situations?
  • Are the Speakers having their speeches recorded?
  • Did we have enough Table Topic questions?  If not, what went wrong?
  • If the meeting is running long, you can cut your evaluation short.
  • During your evaluation, remember to praise and give constructive feedback. Whitewashing does not help the member or the club.
  • Remember to smile and have fun.

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