Contest Materials and Other Content are Now Online

Toastmaster International has posted the contest materials to download online for Toastmaster members. You will have to login, put these materials in a cart, and then download each item. Thanks to Steve F for this tip.

You can find them at:

The Successful Club Series
The Successful Club Series joins the digital speech contest materials and the presentations from The Better Speaker Series as free, downloadable .pdf and .pps files in the Toastmasters online store:
The Successful Club Series Kit (Digital) (Item 289DCD)
A complete set of The Successful Club Series presentations, including outlines and PowerPoint shows.
The Moments of Truth (Digital) (Item 290DCD)
Finding New Members for Your Club (Digital) (Item 291DCD)
Evaluate to Motivate (Digital) (Item 292DCD)
Closing the Sale (Digital) (Item 293DCD)
Creating the Best Club Climate (Digital) (Item 294DCD)
Meeting Roles and Responsibilities (Digital) (Item 295DCD)
Mentoring (Digital) (Item 296DCD)
Keeping the Commitment (Digital) (Item 297DCD)
Going Beyond Our Club (Digital) (Item 298DCD)
How to be a Distinguished Club (Digital) (Item 299DCD)
The Toastmasters Educational Program (Digital) (Item 300DCD)

The Better Speaker Series
The Better Speaker Series Kit (Digital) (Item 269DCD)
A complete set of The Better Speaker Series presentations, including outlines and PowerPoint shows.
Beginning Your Speech (Digital) (Item 270DCD)
Concluding Your Speech (Digital) (Item 271DCD)
Controlling Your Fear (Digital) (Item 272DCD)
Impromptu Speaking (Digital) (Item 273DCD)
Selecting Your Topic (Digital) (Item 274DCD)
Know Your Audience (Digital) (Item 275DCD)
Organizing Your Speech (Digital) (Item 276DCD)
Creating an Introduction (Digital) (Item 277DCD)
Preparation and Practice (Digital) (Item 278DCD)
Using Body Language (Digital) (Item 279DCD)

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