General Evaluator Criteria

Kathy came up with a new way for the General Evaluator to rate the meeting.

Here are the guidelines she came up with.

Meeting Rating Criteria

Min – Max Score
Role Fulfillment – 2 (note: There are 22 roles in the meeting – including sgt at arms, greeter and hot seat); If everyone shows – 2 points.  If people fill in 1 point, if a role is not filled and cancelled 0 points. 0 – 2
Start on time and stay on schedule up to rating time – 1 0 – 1
Proper use of grammar – 1 (If the word of the day is used more than 5 times, ½, all other grammar proper use ½) 0 – 1
Evaluators –Each evaluator earns 1 point if they gave both positive and areas for improvement, else ½ each. 1.5 – 4
Interruptions – add 1 point if no interruptions occurred (cell phones, speaking out of turn, etc. 0 – 1
Organization and Proper smooth delivery of roles: Examples: new member induction, TM order of introductions etc. 0 – 1

Total Score for the Meeting

1.5 – 10

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