Greeter Duties Guidelines

Being a “Greeter” is one of our new weekly positions.
His/Her job is to meet and greet guests as they arrive at the guard position.

Here are some tips if you are assigned the “Greeter” position.

1. Arrive early – 6:30 p.m. Please meet the guests at the sign-in sheet and explain the sign-in and sign-out procedure to our new guests. Also show them where the restrooms are.

2. Have copies of the “Welcome to SCTM ” to hand out to all guests and/or our one page agenda – on our Forms Sheet under Member Resources.

3. Have the guests fill in her contact information in the new “Guest Sign-in” binder. If they guests have attended in the past, they don’t need to attend again

4. Try and sit with the new guest and make them at home by explaining what is going on in the meeting. If there is more than one guest, seat the extra guest next to a Toastmaster who is free to help out.

5. Even if you’re not the official Greeter,  we encourage other Toastmasters to introduce themselves to new guests and make them welcome.

6. Being the Greeter also satisfies one of the requirements of the Competent Leader award.

7. Give the President a list of the guests so he/she can introduce them.

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